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Lone person the travel bethel that goes surely
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  Li Jiang

Watch at all times and in all over the world, how many resemble Li Jiang such ancient city, of protection so in good condition and vibrant?
Saying Li Jiang is a place that suits to syare blankly, this word is false not at all, be in the place that days went backwards 20 years, live in in ancient a compound with houses around a courtyard, it is star all over the sky, bubble tea of snow mountain of dragon of one crock jade, whats do not think, the sees oneself heart that can listen staticly only beats, perhaps be in your beside like having an exotic MM and you, sending slow-witted, you now and then the eye is opposite together, laugh of understanding, be, li Jiang is the place that whats do not consider to let you throb however, what love perhaps can change is very simple. Be in China's so great place, li Jiang is unique, on one hand you are OK of minimum endowment live the brilliant life like wind,flowers,snow and moon, at the same time you extremely OK ego comforts said to oneself reach the place that sweet case lira is heaven in a fokelore. How many youngster is puzzled be here, the person that have how much travel stays here, how many artist finds a dream here, the person that what more or less be tormented by the city lose ego is here cure injury.
The place that must not ghosts and goblins so in Li Jiang talks about ideal, cry in " Da Dawa cafe " in leave a message to go up originally I had seen a such word: "Want to look so that wear time, prodigal have life, forget time precious this expressions, ability is qualified do the frequenter in a cafe. Ability is qualified do the frequenter in a cafe..
Arrived Li Jiang all rational things to it antipathetic, but you not copy knows the following number, city of beautiful river ancient city building already had 800 old histories, gross area 3. 8 square kilometer, the sea dials 2416 meters, have many 6100 offer on the west family. Are these sufficient at inviting your enchanted argument? enchanted act at once, this all one's life which need not go, cannot not stay really to Li Jiang.

   Yang Shuo on the west street

The landscape world of a gleam of of river of Yang Shuo Li is top-ranking, but most attracted person goes up in a street besides landscape however, and on this street daily stream is billowy, if you are not thorough in this street, you can think it is very Philistine only, new on transformed archaize market, one is next to is bar, cafe, small hotel, handicraft inn, a few foreigners, a few artists, a few person that climb rock, a few daily buy drunk tourist. If loving the life,can be you, if you are only laic, you can fall in love with here certainly, here is the place of a communication, all sorts of world skin can look here see, why is the world a dorp only, yang Shuo is the idealest explanation.
Ding Ding's hotel calls in, this renown nobody of the boss knows, but he is very willing also people calls him Ding Ding, because the friend of a friend is Ding Ding's friend, with it is we are in Yang Shuo's day, follow what he is very popular to drink everyday hot, if did not forget in Yang Shuo this goes searching,look for this to grow not old Ding Ding's boss, that is very interesting certainly.
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