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Dog days look for is cool and refreshing, china 10 be away for the summer holida
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Enter dog days, southern weather is sending high fever every day. Liking what the people of go on a journey yearns for most is to find a good place to be away for the summer holidays go vacationing. Last year, by association of Asia-Pacific environmental protection (APEPA) , the orgnaization such as seminar of Chinese city competition ability is participated in jointly choose China was away for the summer holidays travel city pop chart is announced 2007. 6 dishes of before be located in 10 Guiyang, Kunming, Harbin, Yi Chun, water, Dali, bear heart, Taiyuan, Huhhot, Xining, these cities were obtained " 2007 China 10 be away for the summer holidays greatly travel city " title. Now, we are this first " 10 big " " explore is lukewarm " , see these cities have much disappear hot weather after all; Next, what you should do is to choose a place probably, slowly " sigh " .

Lake of Guiyang Gong Feng

Guiyang city

Guiyang: Ideal summer resort

Be elected as reason:

Xia Mo intense heat of summer, winter is the delightful climate of characteristic without severe cold, added glamour for its. The hottest average air temperature was the last ten-day of a month in July 24 ℃ .

Scenery alone good:

Archaism says: "Hill north is shade, this world is south hill " , because the city zone is located in churchyard expensive Shan Zhina and Guiyang gets a name. In the meantime, archaic Guiyang teems with beautiful bamboo, reason Guiyang abbreviation " build " . Guiyang is a very beautiful city, hill, water, forest, the downy scene that the hole is characteristic, bright generation builds Wen Changge and the humanitarian landscape that Jia Xiulou is characteristic, ethical red-letter day is the ethical amorous feelings of characteristic.

Travel sticks person:

Guiyang winter does not have severe cold, xia Mo intense heat of summer, arboreous and evergreen, the four seasons if spring. Guiyang famous places and historical sites has park of park of the Guizhou clever hill, Jia Xiulou, Wen Changge, hill that support a summit, underground, Hua Xi to wait. Guiyang environs famous places and historical sites is numerous, ethical amorous feelings is grumous, civilian house building has distinguishing feature alone. The tourist of China and foreign countries that every goes to crossing Guiyang area to travel highly praise Guiyang is a travel famous scenic spot that has distinguishing feature alone.

Harbin city

Harbin city

Harbin: Swan the pearl below
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