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Sichuan part travel restores entrance ticket to fall not to rise only
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Save the know on governmental press conference from Sichuan, sichuan province will be started partly since 15 days restore travel market, le Shan, south fill wait for market of travel of 13 city state to will be started in the round restore. Future inside 3 years, sichuan travel will be all-around restore, roll out the new natural resources that forms after the earthquake and new line gradually.

Convalescence entrance ticket can fall only won't rise

Bureau of Sichuan province tourism will travel according to the country the deploy of the bureau, with provincial guesthouse of area of management board of each beauty spot, scene and relevant airline coordinate the travel circuitry that rolls out privilege, with restoring to promote Sichuan travel market as soon as possible. Did not come for some time, the entrance ticket of Sichuan scene area can fall only won't rise.

As we have learned, 12 earthquakes of 5 · bring about me to save travel industry loss to exceed 50 billion yuan of RMB, travelled May income relatively the corresponding period dropped last year 6 into the left and right sides. But the along the line of dragon door mountain that seismic calamity destroys directly 30 city county is not area of main travel scene, travel gross earnings occupied this area to save 15 % left and right sides completely only last year, provincial major condition area and travel circuitry product are basic and in good condition, the place that Sichuan travel visits greatly did not shake.

Restore to start travel of blame disaster area in the round inside year

Tomorrow rises, 13 start the city state that reinstates travel in the round is: From city of tribute, kapok, Lu, could there be then, inside river, Le Shan, south fill, appropriate guest, wide how, hill of Dazhou, eyebrow, endowment this world, cool hill. In the meantime, chengdu is divided county of river lasher city, Peng state city, city high a city, big city outside Xi Lingxue hill, cling to in outside area of scene of garden of mountain peach of the mist that divide light, share of market of the others travel is started restore. Elegant gorge of installed green jade peak, go up the scene area such as park of hot spring of li of ancient town, Zhou Gongshan, Meng Dingshan, the Chengdu that still has pleasant Zi state - Lu is decided - conch channel and Chengdu - Lu is decided - red cling to two travel circuitry also will be started restore.

I save travel market to restore to be cent 3 phase: Inside this year, restore to start travel of blame disaster area in the round, begin " activity of Sichuan person You Sichuan " ; Restored Sichuan travel in the round 2009; Reached the new natural resources that after rolling out an earthquake gradually later, forms and new line 2010, make the tourism of disaster area makes dominant industry, weigh figure of model Sichuan travel.

Besides seaborne rainbow the mouth will show seismic landscape tape
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