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Lhasa: Belief thinks below beautiful sunshine
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Bed sunshine is bright since early in the morning, sweep the shade haze of yesterday evening. Sit in 8 bright on the pew that learns corridor, see dawn an eave Tibetan type that a ground has moved to glow, the mood restored to be mixed easily again optimistic. Think really forever in the warm sunshine that bath is in Lhasa each days!

Decide to stroll inside city today, visit incidentally admire long already the Potala Palace in the heart.
Ascend so-called " ethereal palace " the Potala Palace expends physical strength quite. Along laid of rock of the granite before hill word a flight of stairs step by step uprise, the platform before ability reachs palace entrance door rested a few times in road. Step the palace door of lofty forbidding, wander Yu Jinbi's brilliant Buddha hall, clever tower, bedroom palace, between corridor, lamplight is remote, window Wei hangs low, the flavour of ghee diffuses everywhere, whole seem to fall into the dream with an old dark and gloomy, lose in spite of oneself in those Confusion classics again, figure of Buddha, in mural and distant fokelore.
5 worlds amount to the clever tower that bilks lama is the loftiest clever tower in the Potala Palace, tower hall has 5 buildings tall. Cross the one a very short time that looks up into the gate that, almost because of it extremely all costly and be stupefied, clever tower all gold bag sets from the top down, act the role of with countless huge rare treasures, time excessive colour, acclaim as the peak of perfection. The Lama inside the hall explains the long history of clever tower and huge cost enthusiasticly for us, tell heat to classical Qing Dynasty is in a god, all over the face devotional. Listening to lama to there is no lack of vivid have professional level quite tell about, emerge however in my head a dressed in rage form that 3 pilgrim grow genuflect on road of clastic rock hill and goes. Luxury and poverty, influence and belief, so tremendous contrast maintained the balance of chiliad in Tibetan area, do this hide those who pass Buddhist metempsychosis to reflect namely? I dare be not commented on below absurd.
Walk out of dim and deep and serene palace to return beautiful sunshine to fall, do not grow Shu Yi tone by the ground. Cascade of layer of wall of bewildered purpose palace is folded be like,tower the cloud, colourful blue sky is empty, house top of fine gold gold, black classics, all sorts of bright-coloured and majestic great quality piece combination is together, give a visual sense with strong impact. Comply with suddenly a singing waves in sky, saw workingwoman of a Tibetian stands to be in on wall of slimy red palace tamp metope, they are singing a song to working happily, some still is laughing at action beck to us. Can't help by them simple and infection of carol sound place.
So far, tick off again removed my thinking to belief and reality: Believing person is happy undoubtedly, no matter face how harsh reality, poor, hard or dangerous, the hope always is cherished in the heart. Perhaps, cang Chuanfo teachs medium hope to depend on the sturdy belief to metempsychosis. The Potala Palace before, this condensed the unrivaled palace of Tibetian people wisdom and fortune, come hundreds of years imposing stand erect fathers at the Heng Guzhuang between heaven and earth, the place of the hope of the pride in making Tibetian person frame of mind consequently and pay homage to. Its contribute poor people bend ally it, and it brings people spirit to go up expect and place, is this a metempsychosis?
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