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Tibetan travel tourist attraction reproduces grand occasion
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Because of Lhasa " 3.14 " incident and for a time the Tibet of cold and cheerless travels each tourist attraction, emersion tourist was like knitted picture recently, a few tourist attractions begin set limit to to receive a visitor accordingly. According to estimation, day of most tourist attraction recieves tourist amount to reach average last year level.

22 days 9 when, the reporter sees in point of entry of front door of the Potala Palace, tourist platoon became about 50 meters senior team to enter scene area in succession, check ticket personnel is busy extremely. Bill part is ordered in the Potala Palace, tourists are book the following day the cue since entrance ticket platoon.

Suffer Lhasa " 3.14 " incident influence, the Potala Palace stops to open to the outside world many days 10 for a time. A few weeks after be being opened afresh inside, everyday tourist amount does not exceed 100 people.

Management of the Potala Palace grows Jiangbagesang to say everywhere, travel as Tibet (600749, ) the arrival of busy season, the person of visiting the Potala Palace is increasing, at present tourist of a day measures more than 1000 people. To avoid overmuch tourist concentration is swarmed into, the Potala Palace already began set limit to to receive a visitor, the tourist needs to shift to an earlier date one day to reserve entrance ticket.
As the Potala Palace, of Tibet each are big the tourist attraction is casting off Lhasa " 3.14 " the influence of incident. Bethel teachs big clear temple in Cang Chuanfo, consecrate Sakyamuni swarms 10 many groups inside 12 years old of audience hall that wait for body resembling 100 much people, the tourist guide explains as one falls.

According to big clear temple staff member introduction, big clear temple basically offers believer pilgrimage in the morning, the tourist visits concentration to be in afternoon, because appear a little crowded inside this temple.

Past dynasties Panchen is stationed in tinnily -- day noise made in coughing or vomiting plunges into temple of cloth of assorted human relations, attracted a large number of tourists likewise. During to Zashenlunbu of 19 days in 17 days the temple postpones Buddha red-letter day, everyday the tourist exceeds 1000 people, with this temple last year everyday receive passenger volume on average to comparative. This temple welcomed tourist measure one day most last year is 1800 people.

Yu Yungui of secretary of leading Party group of bureau of tourism of the Xizang Autonomous Region says, as mixed in April Tibet was opened early or late in June home travels and enter a country travel, tibetan travel is returning to normal stage by stage.

Statistic shows, tibet welcomed a visitor only this year in April 16 thousand person-time, 5, already welcomed a visitor in June 209 thousand person-time, predicted to will achieve 350 thousand person-time in July.

According to Tibet travel department is forecasted, as come loose to the guest swims and be driven oneself swim to increase considerably, and series group embarks on a journey with what grow clew, tibet swims the height will be greeted in September.
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