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Li Jiang, that the most romantic place
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Leave lively and lovely Dali gold spends Xiaolin, continue our itinerary- - Li Jiang. That fokelore admires mediumly those who encounter, all people cherish a kind of curiosity, a kind of perturbed, a kind of excited mood is looking forward to Li Jiang. The car is circling on winding hill road, we entered the magical world of colourful of glow of evaporate of a cloud gradually, there is white Yun Duo on the half way up the mountain of far, asing if is the hada of Tibetian brethren Na Shengjie, respectfullying present towards us come over, cannot refrain from highly praise this mystical nature.

The car is in circle and go up, driver master often fears we have downy reaction, ask we feel to have the appearance with giddy frowsty bosom ceaselessly, I at once report of raise one's hand: "I do not have dizziness, pectoral frowsty phenomenon, but have apparent abdomen hungry appearance, do not know to calculate do not calculate downy reaction. " everybody laughs at posse, the downy reaction of the sort of abdomen hunger also is in laugh went.

Saw the city of lights brightly lit eventually, we came to Li Jiang.

The tourist guide that receives us today is groups a black the Naxi nationality is small, come up to tell us his name calls yak, our group calls yak the group. He is special still tell us, come to Li Jiang, should change appellation, golden flower and A Peng call elder brother in Dali, want in Li Jiang call fat Jin Mei femaly, call fat gold maly elder brother, ah, because of the Naxi nationality aesthetic with our the Han nationality but different, the gentle and graceful fair maiden that we go after is here least market, they like fat. Yak tourist guide is very enthusiastic teach us a few accept on the west language, our whats did not remember nevertheless, saying well and truly is simple those hello ah, adieu ah did not remember, arriving is that the most difficult the longest everybody remembered, yak colonel says those who encounter to admire must learn a word: "I love you, love will love to love you dead! " as a result I listen, this accept on the west language this word that speak is actually: "Frontal go whoring you, go whoring comes go whoring goes go whoring is dead you! " yak colonel listened my explanation, on the spot dizzy arrive. And the people that our group comes from all over the country is happy in ferry ferry still arrive learn this " frontal go whoring you, go whoring comes go whoring goes go whoring is dead you! Go whoring comes go whoring goes go whoring is dead you!!

After dinner passes, yak took us to ramble casually Gu Cheng's night scene, in his introduction, we understood Li Jiang's scenery to be able to use: "One hill, one river, one lake, one amorous feelings, one culture, one ancient city " will generalize, "One hill " it is Yu Longxue hill, it is to leave Eurasia most glacier of contemporary and marine sex, have very rich use a plant, in China 80 time include China the landscape scenic spot area. Why to call Yu Longxue hill? Because it has 13 mountain peak that one word discharges, if silver-colored dragon flutters, friend calls Yu Longxue hill. One hill has the four seasons 10 lis of different days, the jade dragon snow mountain that goes to 5596 meters from 1900 meters by the side of semi-tropical Jin Shajiang carries firn climate on the head, all sorts of climate belt, plant tape shows stereo form, be called to use floral treasure house, also be the divine hill of the Naxi nationality.
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