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Policy of the set limit to when the Potala Palace executes a tourist to be restr
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As the arrival of Tibetan travel busy season, the the Xizang Autonomous Region is famous system of the set limit to when the Potala Palace of travel tourist attraction applies the tourist is restricted at present is paid close attention to again, to this, have Guangdong large travel agent 23 days to express, this measure won't affect the tourism group of this company.

According to explanation of this travel agent, this company is one of Guangdong's most large-scale travel agent, and the as biggest as Tibet ground receives a company powerful powerful combination, undertake dimensions purchase, this company is able to assure reason the visitor that this company forms a delegation is regular if wish,can enter the Potala Palace look around. This company reminds a hope to enter the free travel visitor of the Potala Palace, yi Ke shifts to an earlier date through this travel agent 4, 5 days of connection reserve entrance ticket.

Guangdong says about travel agent, management of the Potala Palace is in offerred information to show, lhasa " 3 · 14 " Tibet travels after incident (600749, ) ever had had brief " period of close a business " , the Potala Palace restored to open on March 26, appeared for a time the visitor's rare situation, tibetan travel is already comprehensive and at present open, come as traditional travel busy season, tibet swims begin to warm up. Extensive troops went in July tourist amount of Tibet exceeds 500 people, with kept balance last year, than 5, the amount June turned over one times, predict to also can continue to rise in August. As Tibet travel busy season comes, the Potala Palace visits a tourist increasingly grow in quantity. To protect ancient building better, avoid the tourist inside unit time too concentration, maintain favorable visiting order, the Potala Palace is special applying tourist is restricted time limit measures a system: The visitor that enters the Potala Palace to look around needs to shift to an earlier date one day to reserve entrance ticket, arrange visiting time by administrative office, the Potala Palace everyday the tourist recieves quantity limitation to be in 2300 people.

It is reported, the Potala Palace restricts tourist measure to had begun to carry out from the busy season 2006, the Potala Palace implemented system of the set limit to when crossing a tourist to be restricted in travel busy season last year, everyday limitation of 2300 pieces of entrance ticket lets many tourist before dawn queue up to buy a ticket. The Potala Palace regards Tibetan travel as one of the mainest tourist attractions, it is the swims surely ground that Tibet travels. To make sure Guangdong is round friend can be visited smoothly, choice of Guangdong part travel agent and Tibetan place's greatest ground receives a company to cooperate, everyday can preferential the entrance ticket that orders the Potala Palace, can make sure every posse tourist can enter the Potala Palace to visit so.

Guangdong still expresses about travel agent, combine complexity of Tibetan travel environment, the free travel circuitry of uptodate Tibet also appeared new form, travel agent rolled out the travel of a few individuation to plan to subdue Wu surely, enter the visitor that goes about freedom of travel agent Tibet, can the journey according to their idea freedom him set, the value that travel agent purchases with the group, offer entrance ticket, public house, rent a car, the assistance of the diversification such as the tourist guide, restrict time and place no longer, true implementation attributes viatic line of the individual completely.
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