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Sexology home puts forward to be set in island of Zhuhai temple bay naked swim b
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Zhuhai temple bay island situation sketch map

Scenery of island of Zhuhai temple bay

Pan Hai, unripe 1949, party member of the Communist Party of China, deputy read and edit, zhuhai draws newspaper office former editor in chief, sexology of academician, Guangdong province meets Chinese sex member

Report from our correspondent (reporter Deng Yi's rich trainee thanks the thread of ideas in writing) the sexology home that offers this proposal says this action can conform with the world, can bring economic benefits.

Square steel of afterwards sexology home puts forward to want to be established in China naked swim after beach gets dispute fully, recently, sexology home Professor Pan Hai sends Bo Liting, put forward home to be established aptly naked swim the temple bay island that the place of beach is Zhuhai. Netizens are differ to this opinion, somebody thinks naked swim the progress that is a society, partial netizen thinks that is moral fall. The reporter interviewed Pan Hai to teach designedly for this.

Temple bay island is located in southeast Zhuhai, a chain of islands of bitter fleabane of beautiful of archipelago of 10 thousand hill is mid, area 2.3 square kilometer, have a few fishermans only, beach scenery happy person, be called " dreamy island " and " Chinese Maldives " .

Pan Hai (Blog) is in " China is due naked swim beach " Bo Wenzhong make clear the purpose from the very beginning thinks: "The Chinese's nerve, why be always with so as naked, flimsy as the gender, respect related to the body. " he expresses to support sexology home square steel to put forward " those who build China is naked swim beach " proposal, think island of bay of Zhuhai city temple is optimum build naked swim beach.

Pan Hai thinks: "Zhuhai builds city 29 years to come, because lack the travel theme that has appeal more, temple bay island is developed without extensive investment up to now. So, if build here naked swim beach, be far from the mainland because of island not only, won't produce immediate impact to social custom of inland, and the bamboo bay beach on the island closes very easily, the government should limit naked scope strictly only in beach swim in field, won't appear naked and flush. Won't appear naked and flush..

To a such proposals, pan Hai appears very excited, he writes: "Such, socialistic China is in the great progress of reforming and opening, had a naked activity place that can conform with the world, the hypocrite that also make those look at nude at the same time and pretends to give birth to Wei people, had an opportunity that reviews oneself. Want them to be willing to rip only go false face, criterion beautiful and those who be full of life vigor is naked swim beach, can open double arm at any time, embrace them enthusiasticly! Embrace them enthusiasticly!!
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