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The N of 1000 islands lake is planted play a way
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Always want to let oneself be indulged in green hill beautiful water, always want to let oneself be at large act wildly below the free blue sky that leaves the office one, always want to escape the vision with ferial and sharp boss is carried wife the belt crosses happy on the weekend. That gets ready luggage, make us straight go straight towards 1000 islands lake.

Going to what travel of 1000 islands lake stimulates most is action kissing water: The fully clever lake water, lake water that Qing Dynasty is filled with, delicate lake water. . . . . . With the morphology of what beauty the look has not been been. Such-and-such say water, be inferior to experiencing one time personally, mad.

The parachute on the water in sky. You from open platform freedom rise and fall, writing brush in grand the sky of boundless hovers at will, fly freely in sky like bird, blend in oneself between blue sea blue sky, blend in nature, make your trouble all is cast, relaxed and happy. Lower one's head look down at, meet a lake to be like lens calmly only, beautiful inlet is continuous and ceaseless, picture of lake heart isle is attractive, be like a haven of peace. At this moment, the mosquito craft that pulling you ignore slow come down, you are dropped downward with respect to the bit by bit, you are crying to be afraid of be swallowed by lake water, let you come next a like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water-touch on sth without going into it deeply, false alarm.

Play the autocycle on the water that plays stimulation. The sort of feeling that strikes one time with water is unapproachable. Well-trained coach can sit in your backlash, help you eliminate the fluster that never has experienced, control your rhythm. First when go up smoothly in the water of great horse power when motor sends force suddenly, become madder, autocycle braves the wind and waves the ground is ongoing, like greased lightning kind of spoondrift that plows a white in lake face of La La, the wind of side side breathes out breathe out had blown, the heart that lets you mentions voice key point at a draught, can clutch of course the handle on autocycle, left and right sides of from time to time sways, from time to time braves the wind and waves.

Take the motor boat on the water that takes 200 horse power. The driver asks you put all valuable on the bank, still have and so on of cap, umbrella. Family friend part of speech sits the mosquito craft of the 200 horsepower of type of open bitter fleabane, the driver sails curved from harbor, still differ your thought preparation is sufficient, the sort of getting that exciting pleasure came, left right turn, straight rush to jump, whether are you being met in afraid a light boat when terrific, it still adds last climaxes, come 180 degrees turn greatly circle. Mosquito craft has beautiful head than the car absolutely on the lake much. You are OK screech, ao Ao cries, sing with the throat that exceeds 60 decibel, abreact at ordinary times depressive. Of the sort of collective cry to still can resound through whole lake face really. If play aquatic sports, if your heart does not have a problem, if you feel the life is not quite exciting, then you go on water mosquito craft, assure satisfy a craving can breathe out greatly after you played.
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