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Massage black inn to endure slaughter swim Mo Hao of Home Zhang group is lubrici
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I and friend A wood come to city of Home Zhang group by train, turn inside city in multiplying cling to come to beauty spot of Wu Ling source. When silvan park entrance, surround come up a few people, saying is local villager, can take visit. And as a result of off-season now, one day receives 20 yuan only, eat to need not be in charge of. Begin us and did not want person tourist guide, say not to want.

Among them a middleaged woman, follow us two entered scene area all the time, and the manner is quite enthusiastic introduce a scenery persistently with us. We are to decide to come temporarily this plays, did not prepare before, bought atlas of group of Home Zhang Zhang only, also do not understand scene region state of affairs really. I am so tongue-in-cheek say: One day 20, that now remnant a long time, 10 went. She says: 10 too little, 15 are no good. I say: 10, one day will give you again tomorrow 20. Otherwise calculated, ourselves goes. She thinks, agreed.

What we enter first is beauty spot of yellow stone camp, the mountain peak here 1000 appearance 100 condition, uncanny workmanship, dump making a person. Enter the peak, general view numerous hill, also very grand. . . . . .

Imperceptible much at 4 o'clock, guide then at this moment go canvassing: Should downhill, go two hours even, otherwise is late.

We plan formerly is to answer scene area doorway to live, that has a lot of home hotel, can have quite. She says however: Answer a doorway to live to will come in tomorrow should take reduplicative route, be inferior to living to raise home group, wherefrom will go tomorrow the emperor hill, can swim more a few tourist attractions. Wanting also is, went along with her. Did not think of to begin from this, she introduced us among a danger.

Walked along about one half hours, come to half hill " Jin Feng is volant " tourist attraction, this has a simple and easy highway, roadside stopped a few aspects, at this moment she says: If continue even a many hour, be inferior to taking a car to go down in this very fast. We see a day fast black, want to also go. She goes to the front of a car hastily, said a few, come back to say: There still are a few people on car of as it happens, you should give 20 to go only. We also did not consider to agree more. Besides us 2, there still is another on the car " tourist guide " a visitor that is leading with him (know he is northeast person later) , still have additional 3 are like local.

Come to hill the next village, countryside of the lake in crying here, also call raise home group agency. Look from the map, had been to be far from beauty spot. The car leaves directly into a restaurant, I look, it is a few two layer small buildings, there is a greenbelt in front, a iron gate is outside, be called white crane mountain villa. Still writing " coloured metallurgy worker grooms center " . Ask to information desk, day that, the cheapest 4 worlds also want more than 300, catch up with guesthouse of 4 stars class. Also did not say more, go outside. Overtake femaly then at this moment for: This cannot go out, want to collect fees additionally into hill otherwise. Disrelish the price expensive I can help you talk. Until at this moment we still believe her quite. Come out femaly to say then a little while too, I had talked, lowest of a room 200, I say, more than 100 we do not live. She says: Not urgent, I ask again. Passed a little while again, she comes out to say: Lowest 107. At this moment friend A wood says: Calculated, live, of wild mountain of this barren mountain, also do not have a place. Go in then, I am wanting to register, see the northeast person that comes with the car at this moment, the clerk is opening a room to him.
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