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Nanchang is gone to plain swimming is cheaper than last year nearly 1000 yuan
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Report from our correspondent (reporter Huang Huan) yesterday, the reporter learns from market of our city travel, rose on August 6, sichuan restores market of travel of area of scene of channel of 9 stockaded village, yellow dragon in the round, current, the our city starts a group formally to receive a visitor, petty gain is close during price of go on a journey is the same as than last year 1000 yuan.
It is reported, the scene area that opens afresh together with channel of 9 stockaded village, Huang Long still has river of horn of elegant An Tianquan, Bao Xingdong to pull hill to wait, they Ceng Yinwen plain earth shake and shut in the round for a time. Nowadays, the business shop inside county of channel of 9 stockaded village opens the door entirely almost, many 10 guesthouse opens the door greet a visitor; Area of Huang Long, loose Pan Pian already had 22 hotels start business, offerred bed rises from 5000 of eve 6000 many. According to introducing, the tourist of area of scene of channel of 9 stockaded village, yellow dragon recieves the job to had reached the designated position, scene area discharges danger, rehabilitate to work to be finished basically, water supply, power supply returns to normal basically, safeguard of travel establishment, goods and materials can satisfy the requirement that welcomes a visitor normally. 6 days, area of scene of channel of 9 stockaded village, yellow dragon already recieved a tourist to make an appointment with 4000 person-time.
In former years the travel busy season that August is channel of 9 stockaded village, quote is met all the way violent wind rises, but airline ticket price is reduced than last year this year a lot of, hotel of guesthouse of scene area periphery also depreciates considerably, because channel of this 9 stockaded village compares petty gain of the corresponding period of in former years nearly 1000 yuan. According to Nanchang inferior fine inferior the staff member introduction of travel agent, current, the circuitry that this travel agent rolls out is channel of Chengdu, 9 stockaded village, yellow Long Sifei swims 5 days, 9 days, 10 days all have many 10 citizen to sign up, present quote is controlled in 3400 yuan, than the corresponding period of in former years photograph comparing dropped 20% the left and right sides. But because at present Sichuan area highway, railroad still restores not completely, accordingly, travel agent was not rolled out other into plain circuit.