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Yunnan rolls out guest room of entrance ticket of area of travel of 6 big high-q
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Travel according to Yunnan " do poineering work 2 times " advance, yunnan saves one of main destination that already made go on a tour of domestic and international tourist. "The area of travel of 6 big high-quality goods that Yunnan province rolls out is the main tourist attraction that is worth to look most, already had done sufficient preparation to greet domestic and international visitor now. " chief of bureau of Yunnan province tourism says.
Yunnan the eastpart part is typical karst geology marvellous spectacle, north is distributinging magnificent snow mountain and glacier, volcano of giant the heat of the earth's interior is western group, the south is famous selva, mid it is configuration the highland of each different is laky.

Beautiful KunmingScene

Area of this 6 big travel is respectively: In another name for Yunnan Province " area of travel of big Kunming international " , include Kunming city, jade brook city and Chu Xiong administrative division, in order to develop travel of zoology travel, ethical amorous feelings, countryside tourism, develop energetically recreational go vacationing, health body recreation, meeting exhibits the travel product such as business affairs to give priority to.


Li Jiang

Northwest of another name for Yunnan Province " area of travel of zoology of sweet case lira " , include city of Dali of northwest of another name for Yunnan Province, Li Jiang city, enlighten celebrate city, angry river city, mix with famous city of culture of world nature and culture bequest, history ethical amorous feelings, natural landscape is characteristic.

On the west double edition accept

Another name for Yunnan Province is southwest " river of billows dark blue - area of travel of international of lachrymal fair hole " , include on the west city of Er of city of double edition accept, general and the city that face dark blue, it is characteristic with amorous feelings of selva, nation and border land travel, centered product of travel of industry of amorous feelings of the zoology travel, travel that cross a state, nation, water and electricity, river of dark blue having billows - line of travel of path of Ma Gu of circuitry of travel of gold of lachrymal fair hole, tea. Another name for Yunnan Province on the west " area of travel of condition of volcanic hot seaside " , include to protect hill city and De Hongzhou, be go vacationing with hot spring, the healthy travel product that zoology travel gives priority to and shop with culture of ethical amorous feelings, border district, gem, border land travel is characteristic cross base of condition travel product and the border that health body goes vacationing travel area.
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