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Government office of Beijing respectful king is full-dress appear greet all dire
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Yesterday, mansion of respectful king government office, the member that wearing the explanation of unified dress is practicing commentary. Mansion of respectful king government office will open to the outside world at tomorrow

Respectful Wang Fu one horn

Building of report from our correspondent never is opened 232 years to the public, vacate retreat hang out one's shingle cost 28 years, reparative use 31 months to invest 200 million yuan... the value that these numbers still can't show mansion house of respectful Wang Fu. Tomorrow, mansion of respectful king government office will be formal open to the public.

After opening, the visiting fare of mansion of respectful king government office will be adjusted from 20 yuan of present it is 30 yuan, roll out 70 yuan at the same time see a bill. Cover a ticket to include explain inside entrance ticket, government office, visit open tourist attraction and exhibition hall, watch building of big play of king government office to enjoy performance of Beijing traditional program, still can sample tea of bowl of lid of king government office and fastfood. And 30 yuan entrance ticket can visit open tourist attraction and exhibition hall only.

Booking office is set in mansion front door, the door of the garden of respectful king government office of original pass in and out will be shut. Be in the check ticket office of be all set, set disabled channel technically still. Old people, old middle and primary school is unripe reach a serviceman to buy entrance ticket by effective certificate but half price. 1.2 meters of the following children look around freely.

Current, mansion of respectful king government office has two exhibitions to exhibit, it is firstly " echo of king government office -- , creation of cross-strait painter theme is exhibited " , assemble two sides 55 art exhibition of many 20 painter, the famous landscape of the historical person that draws content to all be Ceng Zaigong to Wang Fu lives and live, respectful Wang Fu. Another is " Chinese · Denmark 1600, 2000 " , revealed Denmark the numerous Denmark that national history museum collects sural Teliebao is royal cultural relic.

After opening, hall of main hall silver-colored a small tinkling bell still will hold culture of Qing Chaowang government office exhibit. Respectful Wang Fu only then built 1776, the illicit that is acting great scholar and 珅 clear curtilage. Salty abundant the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor (1851) , 訢 of respectful infante Yi is moved, instead respectful Wang Fu. Cent of king government office is mansion, garden two parts, the garden opens to the outside world all the time.
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