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Area of Olympic Games center " 11 " will greet travel height
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Recently, the problem was used to interview Zhang Huiguang of director of Beijing tourism bureau after the reporter is surpassed with respect to Olympic Games place. Zhang Huiguang expresses, in plan is being used to considering to make at present after the place such as cubic metre of bird's nest, water is surpassed.

"Cubic of bird's nest, water uses operation program after contest, city concerns branch and place proprietor unit to be being made in specific research, come on stage not formally. " Zhang Huiguang expresses, the place of a batch of Olympic Gameses such as cubic metre of bird's nest, water is the culture of Beijing Olympic Games that has Chinese characteristic, nation distinguishing feature bequest, it is valuable travel resource. In the travel in the future development is used in, will reflect adequately, transmission Olympic culture, bequest of inheritance Olympic Games.

After Beijing Olympic Games ends, olympic Games place is sure to become domestic and international tourist to contend for photograph excursive new tourist attraction. Zhang Huiguang expresses, city tourism bureau made plan of operation of the travel after the Olympic Games technically for this, swim into the program that went to make clear to Olympic Games place, the near future can seek an opinion to the society. According to plan, the Olympic Games swims to be differentiated to be many parts: The place that gives priority to with cubic metre of bird's nest, water swims, the zoology that gives priority to with silvan park swims, the experience of Olympic Games culture that forms by sponsor of Fu Wa, Olympic Games swims, the originality that opens closure a collection of selected specimens to form by the Olympic Games swims etc.

Zhang Huiguang expresses, of place of area of center of Beijing Olympic Games most high capacity is 250 thousand person. City tourism bureau swims to place in the program put forward specific improvement measure. Storage battery is added to ferry between place station, of low meal enterprise enter halt also will add more human nature to change a service for Olympic theme park. Travel department predicts, "11 " during, area of Olympic Games center will greet first height that the Olympic Games after contest swims.

In addition, controller of travel agent of Beijing much home is being accepted when interviewing, disclose, go to the place such as cubic metre of bird's nest, water to watch incomplete in person at present of abstruse meeting match " one day swims " circuit is being prepared in, can make a lot of expect all the time " Olympic Games place swims " the tourist experiences one time to place interior. And in the light of the citizen exuberant " place swims " demand, after abstruse meeting ends incomplete, travel agent will as soon as possible the price of place entrance ticket after the ground is firm continues to roll out place to swim circuit, predicting price still can compare incomplete drop somewhat when abstruse meeting.
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