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Take you to have autumnal olfactory place most
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Guizhou is lost in seedling home terraced field

If you like to hike, the primitive zoology village that likes seek by inquiry to was not developed, be willing to be lost between the terraced field that Qiu Rijin's lubricious field, Shui Bo ripples even, loss is in countryside is wild with smoke from kitchen chimneys between, so, come Guizhou, here can give you a perfect autumn day ride.

Circle the hill wild autumn scenery that circles a village

The ground that contacts place ahead of schedule is accompanied, the requirement takes away us to visit those villages that are not viatic tourist attraction. When we arrive at Guiyang and their connect, wonderful itinerary began.

The brigade of this former zoology, head the station is from Guiyang 50 kilometers are in tall slope county circle circle a village. This village is lovely and cabinet, field scene meandering. Choose it, because here has open cultivated land,be, also have mountain of high mountain high, there still is below mountain ridge foot " red cliff gorge " region. A clear river moves back and forth meantime, hill has water, in the dream yearning such place.

When I still am enjoying the field with aureate autumn, go suddenly to the side of steep hill, still let me unaware really. Downhill process is very helter-skelter, this is me first time is pedestrian, be about to challenge the wild hill that does not have artificial repair, basically be before somebody is helped up, somebody is dragged after. Underground of Liang stagger Qiang arrives by hill, see only shine at the moment, river water is clear, shock forest has shown the rich color with peculiar autumn scenery all around. See such beautiful scenery, immediately not nervous, feel the heart was purified general.

After dabble is to one's heart's content, already was the setting sun fell on the west, yuanshan is like black, light of water of vicinity terraced field sparkles.

That day dinner we meet in mayor home. Local basically domestic home has a conflagration stove, furnace area is very large, assuming the heavy responsibility that warm oneself not only, and also be to burn the water, ground that cook. The woman in the home fries good food on furnace, put on furnace face, we had sat round big furnace, eat.

Find " a thousand li walks along Chan Qi " ground play ace

Left to circle circle a village, our Xiang Jichang collect set out. Ming Dynasty government ever was over there the place that sends legionary be stationed to run local minority place, so reservation comes down very distinctive building.

Recommend those who see a tunnel strongly here " the ground makes fun of " . Still write down so that Zhang Yi seeks " does a thousand li walk along Chan Qi " ? What Gao Cangjian go to the trouble of travelling a long distance will search is the ace of the play that call the land. "The ground makes fun of " the history is long, the mask is colourful, guileless of music for voices in a Chinese opera, you can find the honest and a long time ago sense in the film immediately.
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