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Border of the most large-scale city travels after Sichuan shake the activity is
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Yesterday (4) day, with " plain change is close go up to string together the door greatly on the weekend in person " after the shake that gives priority to a problem plain change two land are the most extensive activity of city time travel is started. Department of two ground travel will push high-quality goods circuitry to attach most importance to a dot with each other, exert oneself makes two ground travel commercialize, dimensions is changed, change on the weekend, recreational change, realize two ground to travel to interact greatly.

It is reported, 2007 " border of the city that become change travels " after the concept puts forward, the area in change of Chengdu Chongqing city takes the lead in pulling open two ground travel activity is prelusive. This year on April 29, government of the Chengdu City is filled invite be a guest of Lai Rong of tourist of more than 500 Chongqing, indicate two city each other is a Cheng Yu the job of city time travel of destination spreads out in the round.

Yesterday, bureau of Chongqing city tourism takes the lead in be being made meticulously to be aimed at field of the Chengdu City " Chongqing of ethereal downtown streets, dream " lie fallow 2 days to swim wait for circuitry of 4 travel high-quality goods to have sales promotion. In September the last ten-day of a month, travel department will go to Chongqing sales promotion related the Chengdu City, recommend " recreational " Chengdu, esteem a city ancient town, bright and beautiful in, panda base, happy Mei Lin swims 2 days.

Sichuan travel note:

1, the group that had better join travel agent to organize, just have housing and safe assurance.

2, be in area of high height above sea level, unfavorable and violent campaign, cannot walk at high speed, more cannot ran, cannot do physical labor more, appropriate is little drink, eat vegetable, fruit more, produce reaction to high altitudes in case. Swim to downy area, should have had commonly used medicines and chemical reagents. (if cure has a headache the medicines and chemical reagents of disease, diarrhoea, gastralgia, cold, the drug that counteractive highland reflects, compound vitamin, cod-liver oil) . Enter highland to had better take red red-spotted stonecrop beforehand. If report is special,need to reach nowadays to remove belt of low height above sea level, seek the bring a patient out of danger of local hospital. Especially aged body weak, best can deploy small-sized oxygen bottle (second content can be bought in degree) . The group should be mixed according to his physical strength fitness do according to one's abilities. If asthma, bosom waits for the current situation to appear frowzily, answer to rest immediately, unfavorable continue to visit. Serve juice of profess to convinced of liver of red red-spotted stonecrop, flesh ahead of schedule please;

3, aged body weak, have high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, heart disease person before shoulding not be, go to.
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