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Yunnan compose is built " aerial person net " implementation annulus province sw
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"Arrive from Pu Er face dark blue to take a car to want 7 to 8 hours, and take ' aerial person ' need the left and right sides 40 minutes only. " the Xin Zhou that the face flies to Yunnan general Er to think of cogongrass airport to the first 6 0 planes, yunnan flower installs airline administration to be in charge of Gu Weidong agitato to say. As Ying Anhang sky " aerial person net " build and perfect, tourist and business affairs personage need not go to Kunming again a favourable turn, thereby destination of non-stop flight to, realize the travel new channel that annulus Yunnan swims one day even.

As China the first commerce carries the airline that airline builds network of taxi of travel of the traffic in sky with the first, ying Anhang's empty operation mode is given priority to with branch line, open up the economic course of poor area of the section line that large airlines does not involve, short distance course, old little margin. Gu Weidong says: "When course of flying short distance of Boeing and empty guest, the plane takes off to must drop before long height, create the body to the passenger unwell, also make airline bore cost of more expensive operation. And our Xin Zhou 6 0 nonexistent this problem. And our Xin Zhou 6 0 nonexistent this problem..

As we have learned, this year in January, ying Anhang costs four hundred million and ten yuan of RMBs to buy for nothing hired 10 Xin Zhou plane of branch line of paddle of 6 0 eddy, this is the plane of homebred branch line of Chinese own research and development, the biggest carry a passenger 60, the cost of congener abroad aircraft that compares an import is one times lower. This plane safety factor is high, oily cost is low, noise is little, accord with a country energy-saving the environmental protection policy that decreases a platoon and standard, can be competent much frequency of second airliner rise often fall the task, have capacity of very strong feeder line gain.

This company already opened the short distance line with many provincial Yunnan before this, as many Xin Zhou 6 0 planes consign are used, flower those who install is provincial course will be more perfect, make up for Yunnan to save aviation market the blank of course of many short distance.

Gu Weidong explained further " aerial person " concept: "State-owned airline is big airlines more, if fly the word of branch line, cost is high, not be to one's profit, and our branch line plane is OK the flight of high density, tall frequency. We pass the flight of much sortie, make up for the inadequacy of airliner sortie. " his citing says, kunming is connected to clear nowadays have a flight number only everyday. "After our course is enlightened, everyday at least 34 airliners. If go clear connects travel or be away on official business, can come true to went there and back that day, need not be again have a flight number only everyday and pained. More important is, we opened a lot of line that do not have so, went out to be offerred all right for the passenger convenient. "
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