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National Day long holiday plays turn West Hunan Gu Cheng
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Ancient city of the most beautiful and the most mysterious West Hunan phoenix

Hunan phoenix is New Zealand well-known writer Louie's most beautiful in eye of · Ai Li China small town, also be shake out of Shen Congwen of great master of the literary world is delicate " border town " .

The history of phoenix county is OK date from comes first the Qin Dynasty, ancient say " 5 pole " , to quiet day here after collect army, change weigh phoenix. It is located in by the side of southwest of autonomous prefecture of Hunan West Hunan, the county controls gross area kilometer of 1700 much square, population 370 thousand, it is a minority that gives priority to with Miao Zu, the Tujia nationality collects a county.

Phoenix resembles a landscape painting, ground of show of hill green water, an outstanding personality is clever, retained the structure style of Miao Zu, the Tujia nationality in good conditionly. River of silent a small bay in a river wears a city and pass, jiang Liushu delay, level is like lens, boat travel money, if slide,be over coloured glaze. Far bridge is in a picture is like rainbow, flying cabinet hangs down brim, extremely the wind that uses up beautiful elegance clear is sent. Cross-strait green hill is spat emerald green, lofty of inner and outer city walls, hang building condole foot, along with all the others inverted image is in Qing Dynasty shedding. Inside the city, freely stagger Ming Qingshi board street is full of stains or spots refute, precipitated phoenix merchant gathers, the glorious past of culture assemble. On stage, play of hall of exorcise of stone of primitive and Thespian activation and place are classical in relief play take turns is performed. Or wash clothes work, or argy-bargy, or the local that hurries on with his journey hastily, the dietary convention that uses the West Hunan local dialect with individual lasting appeal, bitter hot salty acid and wax printing and silver act the role of the ethical craft apply colours to a drawing that waits for style elegant to wear the graph of West Hunan marketplace of continuance chiliad. Suburban, of graveyard of Xiong Xiling former residence, Shen Congwen and Huang Yongyu " much more emerald green building " enough lets you be enraged by the spirit with advantaged phoenix be convinced. Overlook horizon, world of the involuntary discharge of urine after flames of war flies violently is independent bright Great Wall of the south between 10 thousand past years still confide is worn once magnificent imposing manner.

Scheduling of seedling border amorous feelings: Fun of 6 days of amuse oneself: ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★

Ancient city of the most beautiful and the most mysterious West Hunan phoenix

Whole journey: Restrict time of 1500 kilometers drive a vehicle: 3-4 hour / day road drives fun: ★ of ★ ★ ★
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