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The fishing of Nanchang person is consuetudinary: Collect lens the first month
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Since ancient timesNanchangThe person likes fishing of the four seasons, angle below the four seasons, be called the four seasons to get delicacy. Folk has generally spring angle crucian carp fish, summer angle grass carp, autumn angle the bream's habit. As it is said oldenNanchang, domestic home has a net, door door have a check mark, old little the go angling in all liking the lake that sets off one another in weeping willow. "Dance of a myriad twinkling lights of a city, fisher angles do not close " . It is at that time the portraiture of leisurely go angling.

Came 100000, NanchangThe fishing of people is consuetudinary by follow up to now. Today'sNanchang, the form of the person that branch of a river of river side lake sees fish with a hook and line everywhere. Old man of a cycle of sixty years has forred years not only in them, also have infatuate kid, still have a woman even.

"Of fishing happy be absent fish, and promote in the dispatch that treat a heart also. " nowNanchangThe fishing association that city established disparate arrangement of ideas and the fishing race that often runs having sth new.