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Nanchang tradition is consuetudinary -- in June 6 bask in suitcase
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NanchangDweller element has " in June 6 bask in imperial robe " consuetudinary.

Fabulous and annual the traditional Chinese calendar at the beginning of June 6 days, it is the day that father of the Dragon King and cloister Bodhisattva bask in garment gown. Allegedly this day " in relief gas " sufficient, climate is dry, via the clothings that the 6 insolation at the beginning of June cross, won't mildewy, won't by bug eat by moth. So this day, every family wants ransack boxes and chests, move all clothing and other articles of daily use in the home completely bask in. Before liberating, every arrive at the beginning of June 6, the Bodhisattva of each fane also changes new clothes, carry in succession on street. Bodhisattva swims where, the person of where can be contended for kowtow do obeisance to burn joss sticks, beg Bodhisattva to bless.

   Nanchangclimate warmth is wet, annual in June six before, it is mildew monsoon section. What reason dried clothes this on June 6 is consuetudinary, one kind also should be pair of suns actually adores.