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Bridal custom
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Nanchangmarriage celebrate custom long-standing, let generation acting person feel full of humour and wit, greeting is a among them in person.

Greeted close life to arrive, one big early fete serves man home woman guest, after banquet drops off, by man home one elder and domestic person go together " greet close " . Greeted close bridal sedan chair to need 8 people to carry in the past, man home deserves to go up " bar case " and " ceremony basket " . The wedding that awaits in those days is very grand, deserve to go up the flesh 100 jins, face 100 jins, beautiful cake 100 jins and ocean wait 60 pieces. Sororal banquet is for the little sister of a married woman's parents' home of farewell before setting out. Asperse on all article have red wastepaper, pine board, put red egg, " happy event " word paper-cut.

Reached woman home, photograph of firecracker of woman family expenses is greeted. But woman home help with farm work people shut the door not to let man home guest take the door, contend for candy of the happy cigarette that wants man home, wedding feast, happy event. And greet close outside the door suona horn gong and drum blows hard, in order to show " urge makeup " , after bilateral negotiate, the gate just is opened, woman home fete receives man visitor, receive next companion to send 3 gifts, wait for egg, candy, cake to send the child that will watch the scene of bustle. At this moment woman home excuse thing is not worth number to tongue-lash man home, man home comer also lends demit the explanation or call each other names with woman home, bilateral conflict endlessly, alleged " scold more even more " .

Although modern society advocates transform social traditions, but old and honest marriage is celebrated consuetudinary of long standing and well established, blended in modern culture in the center.