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Nanchang tradition is consuetudinary -- beg child
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Nanchangbeg child consuetudinary have local distinguishing feature very much. Of ancient timeNanchang, there is one in the central part of west lake area Gao Shiqiao (weigh Gao Qiao now) , gao Shiqiao has stone column baluster 12, annual in August ten night, women or make an appointment, or come all right alone supreme on person bridge, need a month to culmination, use a hand to be touched on the stone column of Gao Qiao both sides, in bringing into a bosom even, allegedly such-and-such can give birth to the boy. Clear acting Liu Yifeng ever was made " Gao Qiao goes " poem, can peep do obeisance to a month to beg at that time child grand occasion. The poem says:

Tall Qiaoyueming is become midnight, young woman companion breathes out after breathing out before;

Hearsay does obeisance to a month to pass mid-autumn, exceedingly marry stone.

Show Gao Shiqiao to be demolished already, leave to cry only " Gao Qiao " of the name street, this is begged oldly child consuetudinary also as be flooded for modern culture.