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Nanchang tradition is consuetudinary -- Chao Xian meets 10 thousand life
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Chao Xian is met also renown Jingxiang is met, it is the temple fair that acts according to a Xu Xun. InNanchangArea most those who suffer a person to adore is Xu Xun, folk call him blessing advocate Bodhisattva.

According to legend is about before 1500, xu Zhenjun of 136 years old and family 42 people (connect building and gallinaceous dog) simultaneously be raised to the skies. Alleged " one person is gotten, gallinaceous dog be raised to the skies " idiom also goes out hereat. NanchangCommemorate Xu Zhenjun artificially, him the day common of be raised to the skies is his birthday surely. For this, annual the traditional Chinese calendar came in August October, early or late the time of two many months, NanchangThe Gao An in a hunderd li of adjacent county circumference, on tall, Jing An, give city of new, abundant, into virtuous the countryside that waits for a county civilian, freewill ablution, organically with countryside, village, a group of things with common features for the organization, comprise Chao Xian to meet, head for the west hill pilgrimage of palace of 10 thousand birthday, into sweet.

Celestial being of day of 10 thousand age can have a lot of contraindication: 1, wine wants one week before pilgrimage; 2, must bathe change clothes, 3, on the shoulder inclined hang yellow to enter sachet, before the feel uncertain that strike gong troops, go to. To can be at the beginning of August the early morning of one gets head post sweet, pilgrimage person need day and night to keep be being driven toward palace of 10 thousand birthday. Always got the person with head sweet post, consider as the luckiest person, in comparing Number One Scholar is glad still.

Celestial being of day of 10 thousand age already can have history of more than 1000 years. The person that pilgrimage comes to year ago nearly is more much rise, and make full use of the grand occasion that celestial being of day of 10 thousand age meets undertakes the commerce of market communicates country. Return some villages and towns to hold all sorts of folk recreational activities before palace of 10 thousand birthday, a fewAbroadHonored guest, the Chinese in HongKong and Macow also is met toward Chao Xian before in spirits ground sincerely yours one column sweet in an attempt to is auspicious. The celestial being of day of 10 thousand age of new period is met also infuse the new distinguishing feature of new period.