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Nanchang tradition is consuetudinary -- dragon hillock uprise
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Element of the Chinese nation has those who weigh 9 uprise is consuetudinary, NanchangAs much popular.

   NanchangThe dragon of city outskirts of a town is sanded, since advance, the Southern Dynasties, it is uprise visits far resort. The Dai Le that occupy the Song Dynasty history " eaves of extensive region of peace and tranquility writes down " quotation says: "North has Long Sha, vertebra mounds appear Yi, white high and steep, and the form that be like dragon, continuous 56 lis, old common on September 9 the place of uprise. " grand of the first month of Tang Dynasty poet also has Shi Yun like that: "North of chapter of Long Sha comfort, gui Fan passed in September; Custom because when see, lake Shan Faxing is much. Push in the guest send wine, drop in from Cheng Ge; The song goes by the boat unexpectedly, surging Ren Xibo. Surging Ren Xibo..

On September 9 of uprise consuetudinary, NanchangArea very be current. Weigh every year 9, people makes an appointment, or Pan Meiling, or ascend Teng Wangge. People with Wen Huiyou; Uprise gets together banquet. Weigh 9 uprise consuetudinary, long-term adopy does not decline.