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Nanchang tradition is consuetudinary -- cafes meets
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Tea party of invite to meet together of the person that have spare time, yesNanchangSince ancient times the edge reviews up to now consuetudinary. Have " word of tea of the Beginning of Summer " say:

"The children in the city does not have be related, 4 summer day grows anxious siesta;

Domestic home buys tea to make tea party, a tea party gets together 7 times.

Wind is blown basket is knitted on the wall, the daughter counts money one day busy;

The tea that boil must reach day of the Beginning of Summer, cold thin hold miscellaneous goosefoot chestnut.

Gentleman does not see village daughter long summer steps filature, do not cook tea of the Beginning of Summer all one's life. Do not cook tea of the Beginning of Summer all one's life..

(note: NanchangHave consuetudinary, day of the Beginning of Summer must drink tea of the Beginning of Summer, otherwise one summer is not derived from in) .

Carry according to history place, NanchangCity opens the history of cafes to already had more than 1000 years, and take in Changjiang Delta, want numberNanchangcafes, tea lays an amount most, scale is the largest also. Before liberating, NanchangCity somebody mouth 200 thousand, but tea shop, cafes pervades however the far and near of whole town, have more than 200 about, every are set 400, 500 seats. Fokelore is on the boat hill district that names with hill of boat of king of Changjiang Delta talent, leave have building of 3 big tea (Bao Hualou, get together virtuous building, Chen Yuan is sent) , be apart is less than 300 meters. Control at 78 o'clock in the morning everyday, Nanchangold tea guests do not eat breakfast to go laggardly toward cafes, go up about on the way a few bosom friends, from in the morning can all the time bubble arrives at 34 o'clock afternoon, some still arrives in tea building bubble in the middle of the night.

   NanchangThe decoration style of tea building has distinguishing feature of estate of Changjiang Delta citizen, it is 4 a piece of old fashioned square table for eight people, pew are a group commonly. Assist tea food has deepfry hemp circle, candied, fried dough twist commonly (deepfry) etc. Tea guests have a plenty of those who will lie fallow, have a plenty of will decide of children happy event, still have a plenty of will negotiate of the business. Also have a plenty of hurt between neighborhood amiable, come cafes alleviation atmosphere, had been attributed to again... multifarious. They regard cafes as friend of recreational, knot and negotiate the place of the business.

Have the boss of some of big tea building, for catchpenny business, ask actor of a few folk to come tea building make a living as a performer. These civilian actor place perform haveNanchangChanting folk tales to the accompaniment of simple percussion instruments, NanchangAdopt the program of the civilian love to see and hear such as tea play, very the reception that gets settle or live in a strange place of new old tea.
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