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Nanchang tradition is consuetudinary -- be troubled by Yuanxiao
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The first month of the lunar year 15 history say " go up yuan of section " , NanchangCall the festival of lanterns. NanchangThe person crosses Yuanxiao to make be troubled by Yuanxiao, was troubled by 15 be troubled by even 16.

Be troubled by Yuanxiao this day, no matter be townsman or rural resident, must eat Yuanxiao, indicative family reunion, happy.

After eating good Yuanxiao, begin to make the tube.

   NanchangThe dragon lantern of festival of lanterns of adjacent county country, sundry, have light of dragon lantern, bench, close the fair lamp, lamp that collect lotus to wait. Bench lamp is the longest comprise by stool of 1000 much slat, have many 1000 person. When the dance since bench lamp orderly and unified, very grand. Of countryside of peace and tranquility of the area in the bay involve fair lamp, by composition of 100 sections bamboo, every insert the various lantern that hill bamboo is made on section bamboo, very good-looking. After liberating, of folk be troubled by Yuanxiao, joined all sorts of folk song and dance again. The night of Yuanxiao, domestic home hangs the lamp. The colored lantern of village village all night brightly lit, firecracker sound, play sound is ceaseless, make all night, of folklore of no less than: "The 30 fire in the evening, the 15 lamps in the evening " same, make the first month of the lunar year all the time 16, in festive atmosphere everybody begins pleasant of the twelfth month of the lunar year the 4 altar that set are torn open, receive the light, hold activity sending a god, send a god to end, activity of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day also came to an end.