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Lay rice 藠 head
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Lay rice 藠 head, call Qiao the head again, vivacious vegetable crop, jiangxi each district all has distributing, but the 藠 head that builds a county to produce alone only the most negative great reputation. It compares the countryside ” that unripe rice is judged to be head of “ China 藠 by Ministry of Agriculture of People's Republic of China other 藠 head, eliminate crop having sheet tall, build is bigger, outside the advantage with well-balanced bodily form, still have whiteness to be like jade, the flesh is qualitative slender, crisp faint scent, appetizing avoid the characteristic of raw meat or fish. Head of this kind of 藠 , make optional, xian Tian all appropriate, it is the slue of product breed design and color that main raw material makes with it.