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Wine of Nanchang yeast for making hard liquor
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For one of wine of name of Jiangxi place history. Wine is spent it is 60 degrees, have crystal and transparent, balmy and tangy, entrance sweet continous, sterling and rich special local color. Answer after drink sweet-scented difficult, have oppose the move with comfortable belch. Have easy muscle invigorate the circulation of blood, keep out is cold suitable gas, broken miasma divides disease, help aid digestion, stimulate the effect of appetite. This wine is wine of a kind of distill, choose fresh and full sorghum, polished glutinous rice to be raw material, the cellar solid body that uses a convention is airtight ferment, with piece music (yeast for making hard liquor) ferment for saccharification agent wine is made and become. Reason calls ” of wine of “ yeast for making hard liquor. Wine of Nanchang yeast for making hard liquor has history of more than 300 years. According to folklore, at the beginning of Ming Moqing, person of lane of Jiangxi Nanchang wine learns to make wine to Shanxi, this person is in learning process, immerse oneself in hardworking, learn assiduously, respect division elders, be like a day several years, use up so that pass really. Wine workshop is set after answering Jiangxi, from now on Jiangxi had alcoholic drink of yeast for making hard liquor.