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Wine of Li Du sorghum
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It is the traditional name wine that Jiangxi saves, already had history of more than 200 years of brew, because originate in Nanchang,get a name into virtuous county. This wine degree is 56 degrees. Debauchery is clear, balmy and full-bodied, flavour alcohol is sweet. Market of popular whole nation, get of broad consumer love, was judged to be Jiangxi name wine 1962. Carry according to county annals: Quiet acting middle period, li Du has the habit that makes white spirit for raw material wine with the high grade polished glutinous rice of local special local product. Arrived quiet day last years of a dynasty or reign, li Du technology of brew of folk of extensive collection of lane of 10 thousand luxuriant wine, on the foundation of wine of polished glutinous rice, introduced it is raw material with rice, ferment for saccharification with yeast for making hard liquor agent, with structure of crock, brick old cellar ferments the new technology that makes white spirit. Wine of Li Du sorghum from this and development rises, the mill that make wine also is added subsequently reach 7. Because wine flavour alcohol is thick pure, faint scent is tangy, reputation is big brace up, sale day is wide. Press down top yield to once achieved 400 thousand jins completely, the province such as popular another name for Jiangxi Province, short for Zhejiang Province, another name for Hubei province, Anhui. Li Du town is located in in stroking a river downstream, rely on closely to stroke dike bank, the environment is beautiful, land is fecund, rice has pledged, it is the superior raw material of brew. Have the groundwater with that clear and transparent all the year round more, cool Gan Tian, contain trace mineral, it is god-given make wine use water.