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Stone street fried dough twist
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Nanchang a unit of dry measure for grain has a small shop on head street, everyday bustling, the client is filled with the door. This fars and near namely famed “ tastes inn of fried dough twist of sweet fast ” . This Xu small shop run by couple, storefront is not big, clean and neat, yoke fried dough twist of production is careful and cabinet, if shape is double dragon is voluminous, color is golden and sleek, flavour is crisp sweet tastily, very the reception that gets customer. In inn of Nanchang city's numerous fried dough twist, the brand of Xu is the noisiest, the business is best, people often comes from afar, contend for buy. “ tastes sweet fast ” to develop gradually so rise. Later shop also from ” of “ stone street the lane of that devious stricture moved a sector of an area of Zhongshan road busy streets, development is changed into the factory professional production. Because remain the same banner handiwork is careful fine rub, retained original gust and trait, still get people to love up to now, be used to calls everybody it for ” of fried dough twist of “ stone street. Stone street fried dough twist observes and study with burden, make careful, knead is even, kongfu is original and celebrated at city. It chooses pink of flour of essence of life, candy of one class Bai Sha, the high grade raw material such as classy edible vegetable oil, every produce 100 jins of fried dough twist, want to enter 8 jins of fresh chicken yoke in the mix into in makings. Relapse knead, till fabrics even, next rub becomes fried dough twist. When decoct blast, oil wants much, fire wants civil, oily lukewarm strict control is in 7 into. The fried dough twist of such make it is oily fact of unripe, candy, small, model beautiful, lubricious embellish, sweet, crisp pine, tastily. A lot of to Nanchang coming that be away on official business, visit one's family the guest that visits friend and travel sightseeing is bought in succession before Muming.