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Nanchang ground rice
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Nanchang ground rice, have white, delicate, long float not sodden, long fry not broken characteristic. History of Nanchang ground rice is long, the main raw material that make is rice of high grade evening. Should pass dip rice, grind oar, filter dry, adopt the much talk working procedure such as the oar. Have a way convenient also, concise, can ground rice of cold and dressed with sause, fry the ground rice that boil, put foam of foam of Jiang Mei, garlic, sesame oil, soy, chopped green onion, pickles, least of all but little is Nanchang the chili that the person likes and pepper. Nanchang must taste delicate and goluptious Nanchang ground rice since place, especially Nanchang fries pink, this big a slap-bang shop in Nanchang is characteristic dish, it is a fascia dish inside Nanchang ground rice, also can make your aftertaste boundless.