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Mi Duidao, the soul of Hong Kong is in
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Hong Kong

Honest of Hong Kong cover

A hasty passing traveller is merely for I and Hong Kong, hong Kong and I am the complex with a yearning for a long time however. Australia visit returns, hong Kong of a favourable turn, stay one day, the seascape hotel of sanded chew of staying Yu Jian. Do not abandon day and night then, pedestrian go straight towards Mi Duidao continuously.
Mi Duidao is by pointed sanded chew extend comes 9 dragon peninsula the bounds street with north, let a person feel it is very long. After from pointed sanded stopping subway the station comes up, going toward Zun Dui's direction is a sector of an area with this most busy street, gem gold goes (Zhou Shengsheng, Xie Ruilin, Zhoudafu) , inn of electric equipment travel, medicinal material... the Mi Duidao after at nightfall is more beautiful, the twinkle with various neon dazzling shop sign is worn, embrace will shout be like,the stream of people that go to moves back and forth crucian carp.
The small shop that be here row upon row of, jostle each other in a crowd, and the kinds or types of goods inside every inn can let a person pick dazed flower, the sort of chela gives the rear foot of a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord to enter on the west, try this feeling that tries that, eyebrow is in the beauty that can make each is opposite beautiful having persistent pursuit certainly to breathe out greatly satisfy a craving while plaint: Hong Kong is feminine heaven really.
Good flourishing and congested ave, the high buildings and large mansions with bristly both sides, street the clough that is squeezed into stricture, the neon lamp on big market, small shop, bank, ball, various fascia is put together, dress up curtain of night into the multicoloured world of a blindfold making a person. Heavy traffic, the assemble becomes the stream of people of all sorts of color of skin. I am blended in among them, became instantly without the root abysmal the float that does not have thinking, the foot does not touch the ground allow bright will reject.
Really envious Aussie is prodigal of the space extravagant, also do not imagine again give the picture with hundred this one out-of-the-way and bleak belt year ago. In those days, governor of cover honest path in order to exceed the ordinary person's foresight, establish a platoon numerous discuss, repair on wild land had this main street, what the ave brought district of pointed sanded chew as expected is prosperous, make the testimony of course of hundred years development, but he whether also expect, to it concomitant still have, does congest arrive today kind of awkwardness that cannot a tree find the place?
Go ahead again, gradually a few broader, saw tree, saw sky. Original, the street arrives at, center of original Hong Kong culture is shown be before.
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