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"Costly " close child swim into summer vacation to leave the country swim popula
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Enjoy the period of leave of high quality together with the child, family, enjoy close child fun is many parents are willing to look after children one of main reasons of go on a journey. In journey, communicate also become easy rise, the contact in modern to be in life is intimate child feeling is very good, and go out to also can increase experience to the child, the practice of intellectual melt into of book. Leave the country in the summer vacation this year in swimming, "Costly " close child the popular option that swims into many people. For this, the reporter visited a few travel agent, chose a few circuitry to offer citizen reference.

Enlighten of the brigade that do obeisance to costly
Enlighten those who do obeisance to is costly be world-famous, because such, the countless tourist of whole world each district also do it fetch pulls dream encompass. In the summer vacation travel this year, travel agent aimed at this " costly " travel resort, because used straight boat regular air service, enlighten the troops that do obeisance to need not take the road back to one's former position, make the journey more compact.
Enlighten the brigade that do obeisance to " costly " , because each element on this journey is extremely costly,be, the tourist can kiss to body check is made by 22 tons of gold and be become not only enlighten hotel of caique of Bai Qixing class, experience the extraordinary glamour with labyrinthian gold, still can appreciate view of amorous feelings of Persian Gulf bay and gold desert at the same time the distinctive beauty of mutual set off, or the beautiful view that takes the TAXI on Arabia characteristic water to visit aureate bay, or riding a camel to walk with the sweetheart aureate setting sun Yu Hui is experienced in big desert. Little of course not still have appreciate enlighten the culture with the ethical amorous feelings that do obeisance to and Arabia long area.

Have a good swim Japan enlighten person Buddhist nun Eden
Those who be in Japan is itinerary in, it is the hotel that whole journey of respect of board and lodging joins 4-5 star rank above all, have two at least in the evening hotel of 5 stars class. Be in the Japan with numerous hot spring, little of course not enjoy hotel of outdoor hot spring, kiss intimate contact with nature, what experience Japanese hot spring truly is happy. In visitting Kobe, former constellation and the process that double ended radius sleeker uses free market formerly, the traditional culture that the whole family understands Japan in development while, can realize Japan's trendiest thing.
Visit Japan what make the child excited most when number enlighten person Buddhist nun Eden, the Dishinile of Hong Kong very may much person has gone garden, but the Dishinile of Hong Kong is the world field go up most pocket, japanese Dishinile can make children big open horizon field. In Japan the time of 6 hours play of garden can let Dishinile children are excited unceasingly.
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