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With the big brook ground that heaven rivals
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The reason that heads for big brook ground has too much and too much, because,be not just famed the Hei Zhenzhu at the world, the Nuo with rich nutrition beautiful fruit, still have Paul tall more legend... the mainest reason is her the beautiful scenery like that heaven, it is other island is not had really with compare. Big brook ground (Tahiti, interpret tower hopes to carry an island) be located in south Pacific Ocean, new Zealand is northeastern, hawaiian south, it is a law the Linixiya that belong to Bo's biggest in 5 swarm island island, by size brook ground two islands are comprised. Look down at from inside sky this gross area makes an appointment with the islands of 1000 square kilometer, resemble the mermaid in Andersen fairy tale. Body of piscine head fish is called " greatly brook ground " , piscine end cries " ground of small big small stream " .

Jasmine inferior colorful activity of the island

All through the ages of big brook ground is brownstone estate of French and United States go vacationing heaven, but her prices is precious also exceptionally. Local prices is 10 times of Beijing, a more than yuan 10 watermelon of Beijing sells more than yuan 100 at least in big brook ground.

Head for the way with big brook the most convenient ground to reach big brook ground via Tokyo a favourable turn namely from China now, the airlines flew at taking off that day afternoon nearly 12 hours, leaped international date changes a line, arrived at midday that day, really mystical force. The reason is comparing Beijing evening at big brook ground 18 hours, such calculating come we still earned a day of time.

Two isles with big brook the famousest ground are jasmine respectively inferior island and Bolabola island, this is to head for the tourist of big brook ground to go surely a haven of peace of seek by inquiry.

We stayed in big brook ground 6 night. Be in two night among them jasmine inferior the island is spent, big brook ground is a lot of in outlying islets, name is the biggest is Bolabola island, but respect jasmine waits in advantage of consumption level, traffic inferior the island is defeated by Bolabola not at all however island. We take the small plane that holds 16 people only 7 minutes to leap from Papidi " lunar sea " arrive at. The activity that can enter on the island is to lift really lift deeply, can swim in all together with dolphin, the jeep that can attend an island to go up is expeditionary swim, in the tourist guide tell unship to understand Polynesia history and myth. Return the golf field that can see Nikelaosi designs famous stylist on the way, regrettablly time is used not quite, experience otherwise certainly personally.

Insular heartbeat feeds Bolabola fish

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