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Maldives: The romance that goes to a sea dates
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All the time since, like to go the seaside travels, the Bo Dakuan of the sea is wide with free and easy unruly it is my consistent pursuit. But this, on an isle of the indian ocean, I experienced the tenderness of the sea deep-feltly, beautiful, peaceful, inviting... that island calls a full moon beach (h of c of a of e of B of n of o of o of M of l of F u l ) , that country calls Maldives (MALDIVES) .

The Boeing of new boat 777 planes descend slowly in Maldives airport eventually. Right now Beijing time has been morrow before dawn at 2 o'clock, and local time still is in the evening at 11 o'clock. Gave the airport, I sucked a tone deeply, looking up at numerous star to light the night sky of the dot, listening attentively to the noise that tide rises and fall, the mood of the holiday arises spontaneously. I know, enter Mian hard tonight.

Old day is mixed of purpose it seems that us the friend that these coming from afar leaves a fun, this wanting that rise early see sunrise, did not think of colour of sky is shade actually, push the vitreous door of the bedroom, on the gazebo that will face water (note: The room that we stay in is to build at aquatic, common calls WATER BUNGALOW) , clear seawater is rising and fall below the foot, often school has swum in coral clump, there is green islands on the offing of far, resemble a string of beryl that string together, was in the sea and day one case repeatedly, look at, look at, do not know when, rain rose to come below. . .

The service that asked a hotel is unripe, know just now, 6, july is the rainy season of here, what can have intermittence is showery, but tertian can clear. Although be such, did not affect our mood however. The one pedestrian coconut forest ramble in rain, the beautiful flowers and grass on delight in island, with aboriginal prattle of place, understand trifling local customs (the dweller here is mostly thick connect English, making some of simple communication still is possible) . Full moon beach goes vacationing village (FULL MOO - N BEACH RESORT) establishment is complete, the service is good, can offer item of the activity on all water, arrangement decided the activity that then we will count day later to come down, wait for weather to had turned.

Have a beautiful fokelore: Achieve a century first, asperse on the indian ocean after sacred since the beginning of the history fell the beautiful ground like anadem, that is Maldives, the final Eden on this horizon, have the view like Eden: The coral reef with the school with the sea area that having La Lu to interweave, colorful profusion, dazzing bright, with satisfied and inviting coconut forest beach. . .

Beautiful Maldives showed her instinctive quality to guests eventually, now, clear sky 10 thousand lis. I stand on gazebo, trying to define this color of Caspian water, send more however had no more arguments. Because the seawater of vicinity is more shallow and absolutely clean, it is transparent so, just refract the set off with marine white fine sand as a result of sunshine underwater, just twinkling weak green ray; Nearby seawater, because underwater has the reason of cay, look at be green so, the seawater of again far place becomes blue, I think that is the action of depth of water, and the water quality of extremely far place is so pure azure blue unexpectedly. She is mirrorring the cloud drift of ethereal white, for a short while, let me comprehend the essence with water uniform nature.
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