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Bhutan country travels the minister says to come Bhutan travel is not difficult
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Although having distinctive scene and culture, but near neighbour Bhutan of China is considered as the country that heads for travel hard because of the reason such as visa, range all the time. Before leaving Bhutan, bhutan tourism minister Mr TsseringTashi accepted the exclusive special interview of morning paper reporter, he expresses to hope to borrow our newspaper to convey to Chinese reader: "Come here to be not you to resemble so hard! "

Whether does the government encourage a foreigner to come is Bhutan visited?

Answer: Enter a country at first because we did not recieve ability enoughly,tourist number limitation is, now our reception ability has grown quickly, nevertheless, we still are pursued " high value, small effect " travel policy, avoid to many tourist swarms into as a result to destroy an environment.

The visa that obtains Bhutan allegedly is very difficult, need the 5 time of the day at least?

Answer: The visa that obtains Bhutan is not difficult, it is the travel agent that all foreign tourist journeys must play tourism bureau approbate only, and must take the flight of Bhutan country only airline. Arrive from application take visa to need the time to a week 5 days generally speaking, we appeal the tourist subscribes the distance of Bhutan as early as possible, because reserve the place of only course very hard,be.

If how much travel to be cost about everyday in Bhutan?

Answer: The lowermost limitation that Bhutan consumes everyday to the tourist is 220 dollars, include board and lodging, traffic, conduct a sightseeing tour, and one-time disbursement travel builds cost, nevertheless these do not include the other spending of baggage charge, telephone charge and individual. If the tourist chooses the hotel of higher value, the price may exceed upper limit, need pays fee alone. If the number of group of a journey is not worth 4 people, may hand in more even everyday each so 20 differ to 40 dollars.

Foreign tourist must have a tourist guide to accompany in Bhutan journey, is this why?

Answer: We are done so is to ensure the tourist's safety, make sure they can see the landscape of Bhutan more level in the shortest time at the same time. And our tourist guide service is not completely mandatory, tourist or ground of OK and unusual freedom arrange their time and travel line.