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Go Bhutan travel is needed from change trains of the Three Kingdoms
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Yesterday, the big marriage in Bhutan attracted Liang Chaowei and Liu Jia Ling countless attention. Be called " final sweet case lira " Bhutan, it is the place with travel very yearning lover on one hand, and on the other hand, what Nanjing citizen knows to Bhutan is very little, describe like old tourist guide " won't ask about Bhutan every time " .

Liu Cheng told the outdoors lover of Nanjing the reporter yesterday, he has examined a data, bhutan kingdom allows 6000 tourists every year to enter only, and every tourist is in place everyday consumption is controlled in 200 dollars. Those who make Liu Chengyu frowsty is, he contacted Nanjing's greatly small travel agent, did not promote the travel product of Bhutan, so he himself can order airline ticket and hotel to wait only, with the travel lover of Bhutan of set out of other city preparation group group is headed for.

The reporter called much home travel agent yesterday, understanding does not have the product that travel agent is promoting Bhutan to Nanjing, so the relevant controller of travel agent also understands the circumstance of Bhutan not quite. On one hand, have a demand to travel number as a result of Bhutan, the formalities that heads for travel is trival, and the price also does not poor. Sea of Jiangsu of Nanjing nation force goes out the chief Ying Jianfeng of condition ministry, it is the travel that has experience of 20 old tourist guides from personnel of course of study, he speaks the ground tells a reporter, "Ask about Bhutan every time this place without the person. " always should introduce, bhutan is not travel destination of China, travel formalities is so trivaller, want to enter Bhutan from ability of the Three Kingdoms, "For quite a long time, this country is like Bhutan the corner that lies to be forgotten. This country is like Bhutan the corner that lies to be forgotten..

The reporter understood from the net that carry Cheng yesterday afternoon, the net that carry Cheng also does not have the relevant travel product of Bhutan, want to go if Bhutan travels, tourist can oneself order airline ticket and public house. As we have learned, fly to charge of Bhutan airline ticket from Nanjing, the fuel surtax that imposes before last to go up needs 3000 yuan or so.

According to introducing, should go Bhutan needs from Thailand or Nepalese a favourable turn, and Jiangsu went last year the tourist of Thailand has 39688, go Nepalese have 2 people only.