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Hong Kong Disney is classical addendum of strategy of 4 days of free travel
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(A lot of netizens of 1) mentioned Disinile of the FASTPASS in garden use, but not quite detailed still, I complement as follows: Abbreviation FP) makes an appointment namely under FASTPASS(certificate, disinile has 4 big You Le projects to offer FP only field, it is the brigade that Buddhist nun of dimension of theater of king of saltant aerospace hill, lion, Little Bear takes a risk and Basiguang year aerospace adventure. These 4 game have two entries, one is common entrance, queue up commonly the person is very much, expect time very long, another is FP special entrance, the person is very few. You can be on the FP machine on the side of game entrance, by Disinimen the ticket is gotten make an appointment certificate (can take the place of get) , make an appointment the time of certificate is a hour commonly later, what for instance you got at 11 o'clock is 12: 20-13: Of 20 make an appointment certificate. Next you can play other item first, in 12: 20-13: 20 time paragraph inside return this game entrance, OK by make an appointment certificate is entered from FP entrance, general 5 minutes in can be turn for. Every pieces of entrance ticket has FP 3 times to make an appointment only the right, and ability has wanted 20 minutes to use after was being used 1 times the next time FP makes an appointment. Make an appointment certificate amount is limited also, the FP that leaves a period of time sometimes can be sent, you are about to wait for next FP that leave a period of time.

(2) Disinile garden is basic it is a place that suits adolescent and children amuse oneself, not big to adult meaning. But if children age is less than word of 6 years old, proposal " saltant aerospace hill " and " the brigade that pirate river takes a risk " do not play, the child may be scared. But " melodrama of Mi Ji gold prize " scarcely wants to miss, very wonderful, the child likes very much certainly. In addition " spray big round of drinks swims " very pretty good also.

(3) goes to the urban district field from Disinile, if baggage is much, might as well take a taxi. The fare that goes to the urban district to be nodded basically field from Disinile, fair show inside traffic guideline column, you also can enquire the station serves personnel, won't be slaughtered commonly. The hotel of 10 thousand beautiful seascape that I stay in in bay young (can exhibit the) other the center, take a taxi spent 274 yuan, had included 70 yuan to cross the bridge to pass channel cost and cost of 20 yuan of baggage among them (Hong Kong taxi is in to putting the baggage of mothball box is the) that should collect fees.

(If 4) booked Disney through carrying Cheng the word of the hotel, the meeting that carry Cheng gives the airport to the bus service of the hotel, change in B13 bar. Actually this service is by VIGOR(energy company) offer, VIGOR is the company that provides service of the bus between the airport and hotel technically, b13 bar is the bar of V IGOR actually. I suggest everybody books the hotel of the return trip to the bus of the airport again in B13 bar, it is to hit 50% discount. I live this in the hotel of 10 thousand beautiful seascape of bay young, return trip bus is 70 yuan each (cost price is 150 yuan of) . The profit that such doing is: You retreat room hind in the last day, it is baggage leave in the care of after the hotel, can go out to continue to go sightseeing travel, when of return trip bus make an appointment time returns a public house again, resumptive baggage is OK and direct on the bus approachs the airport continuously, go to the lavatory namely substantial. I feel better than airport express.
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