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Hong Kong swims to become a custom from extravagant hopes
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Opposite at fresh the quota that gives heat goes to a stage to swim, outback individual goes to HongKong and Macow to swim in this month to will receive the 5th year. 2 3 years 00 on August 20, carry out as what Guangdong dweller individually goes to policy of travel of HongKong and Macow, policy leaves to protect a times by You Che of HongKong and Macow, enter commercialize in the round; Freedom of HongKong and Macow is opened formally all right, outback dweller needs to adopt the visa procedures of simple advantage only, can file individual write comments on a document, go to Hong Kong and Macao at any time.

Hong Kong freedom opens 5 years all right, from first when to harbor " knowledge experience " , to " mad blood goes all out (shop) " , develop a passport to go at any time gradually again, became the one part of the life. Outback dweller especially old wide people, the familiar degree to Hong Kong no less than oneself cities, a little wet person was become even " Hong Kong is connected " . In former days of too high to reach " heaven " already became tentacle to be able to be reached " neighbour " , convenient HongKong and Macow swims the recreation that abounded outback dweller lives, the goal that exceeds a person to go to Hong Kong more more is travel merely no longer, can be the concert that sees an image, can be exhibit collect to the book lively, still can be to take the advantage of newest big are shown, watch first to Hong Kong, just can drink early tea to be drunk with the close friends of Hong Kong even, perform one act " two ground kiss harbor of another name for Guangdong Province " close affection drama.

Occupy statistic of a large travel agent of Guangdong, 2 years of 00 2 this companies attend the number that Hong Kong swims to be 27 thousand people, and 2 after starting free travel 3 00 years, the number jumps one times, amount to more than 50000 people. The circuitry of this company also is from the change of total package type in the past order dishes type, among them " traffic hotel " circuit most accept favour, let a tourist have enough time swing, need not be traffic and accommodation trouble again. Come 5 years, outback tourist maintained Hong Kong tourism " half the sky " , many people even nurturance the habit that every other goes to Hong Kong shopping for some time, make the most powerful consumption group.

Go to year after year of number of harbor inland passenger to soar in recent years, the 2 numbers that join Hong Kong of afore-mentioned that travel agent 7 00 years to swim already exceeded fifty thousand and ten people, 2 already was close to 100 thousand people 8 00 years first half of the year only, the stimulation of predicting second half of the year as a result of the Olympic Games, will go tall continuously, organic meeting is broken through 200 thousand National People's Congress closes.

Outback tourist takes the guest that visit harbor firmly " half of country " while, its expenditure also year after year increases, first what consumption of average per capita resides each passenger source, activationed Hong Kong is fed, live, travel, swim, buy each segment that waits for industrial catenary to go up, the needle of strong heart of potion of infuse of Hong Kong economy that waits for disturbance to suffer epidemic situation of financial storm, SARS. And after the RMB appreciated last year, the RMB compares Hongkong dollar " costly " , shop to Hong Kong appear more be to one's profit, going to harbor shopping upsurge is all-time and rising more. Dweller of a lot of inland especially bead the dweller of trigonometry area, now criterion more and more Hong Kong is changed, even if the goods with price and design and similar inland, they also aux would rather go to Hong Kong buying.
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