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The tourist attraction swims surely to Taiwan first: Pool of Alisan, Xi Mending,
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On July 4, mainland tourist opens a hair group that heads for Taiwan to be just as final. Taiwan, the land of kilometer of this 36000 square, push at a draught arrive nearly before our. At this moment, you can discover, although element did not seek a range, everything of this isle is familiar with like old like a your lover, think of to be able to drink the most authentic pearl tea with milk, see the areca Xi Shi in fokelore, eat " the crossing that eat a word " the numerous cate in, still have the girl of Alisan, the landscape of life pool, the splash lake bay of grandmother, the evening of Taipei 9 face 5, star autograph of Xi Mending is sung... can't help excited.

Have once said to the person that seeks Taiwan: What this place did not imagine Taiwan is flourishing, but it lets a person feel very kind really... of course, because we are speaking same language, having similar habit.

If you have an opportunity to set foot on this isle really, nature of these a few places cannot not go under, swim to the first time Taiwan, want to begin from classical place of course.

Jiayiali hill train goes

Believing a lot of people go Alisan is to search libretto in that " the girl that the United States is like water " , below the foot of a hill that went to Alisan truly nevertheless, can forget the girl that searchs beauty probably, because you are met,be convinced by Alisan place of Jun Yi.

Went to Alisan, two jobs that you must want to do are to sit mountain-climbing railroad and call on divine wood to pay one's respect. The mountain-climbing railroad of Alisan is one of 3 big mountain-climbing railroad of world, annulus island railroad is errant certificate keeps 7 stations freely inside 15 days. When the train winding dish of hill and when going up, be just as collect degree erect kind of travel, train mountain-climbing, cannot calling is not a wonderful view. Sit in vintage train railroad car, in Cheng of 8 hours of cars, full see arrive from vegetation of selva, broad leaf needle leaf vegetation roams finally sea of clouds, cross more than 60 channel, span 779 bridge, till all the way climb stands to 2274 meters tall Alisan; Dazzling and dazzing scene, in letting your for a long time cannot be like the stimulation that separates an era from suddenly, regain consciousness come over.

Circulate the immortal legend of chiliad -- Alisan god wood, have 3000 old advanced age, not far from Alisan god wood, still have a bizarre 3 acting wood. 3 acting wood are same a grandparent and grandchild that grows on the root 3 generation.

Search tide to choose Xi Mending surely

Someone says, "Be less than Taipei city, what do not know Taiwan is flourishing; Be less than Xi Mending, what do not know Taipei is lively " . Ximen Ding is the gather together ground of new generation popular culture, nostalgic in old people recalls the past event here, the youth of halfback searchs popularity here. The avant-courier of small shop dress that gathers together here is bold, representing day Han newest tide. Allegedly Lin Qingxia is discovered by astral explore here in those days, many men and womens that conceive Chuai Mingxing dream come here oneiromancy. And, here the spot is sung and all the year round the star signs.
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