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The sound inside course of study -- the 8 big tourist attractions that Taiwan sw
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Taiwan swims to opened Xiang Wuhan's citizen on July 18, what does that Taiwan have after all amused? The reporter interviews the travel agent manager that ever had been to communication of Taiwan business affairs and citizen yesterday, they go Taiwan divides business affairs activity outside, still attended the journey that annulus island swims 6 days, everybody expresses, go if Taiwan does not go 8 big classical tourist attraction is equivalent to swimming Taiwan island. The travel agent that the reporter has right of administration exclusively from Hubei -- abroad understanding goes to the Yangtse River, although the circuitry that Taiwan swims has not been announced, but affirmative is, 8 classical tourist attractions are included for certain in tourism travel.

The island of 6 days of annulus that Taiwan swims parades Cheng is:

The first day: Reach airport of Taipei peach source, visit in the morning person Lin Guan mansion, medium memorial hall, " presidential government office " , the first high-rise of world museum of the Imperial Palace of 101 buildings, Taipei, head for Hualien along highway of bank of beautiful the East China Sea.

Classical tourist attraction one: Person Lin Guan mansion is located in on Taipei blessing Lin Lu, horticultural place of the governor is when Japanese embezzlement Taiwan, 1950, official mansions locate of Jiang Jieshi this, arrive to just was opened freely to the citizen 1996 all the time, here becomes the zoology park with the biggest Taipei.

Classical tourist attraction 2: The first high-rise of world 101 buildings, renown stage thes northern part of the country before border banking center, the building is 508 meters tall, on the ground 101, underground 5, but this first appellation this year by A couplet chief of a tribe 512 meters Dibaida exceeds.

Classical tourist attraction 3: Museum of Taipei the Imperial Palace, allusion Tibet tastes an amount nearly 700 thousand, pottery and porcelain, painting and calligraphy, bronze ware is most complete, in addition, still have enamel of case of jade article, lacquer, much treasure implement etc, among them the treasure that stone of form of the Chinese cabbage of emerald green jade of 3 buildings, flesh and the china of 2 buildings are town house.

The following day: Visit one of 10 nature wonderful view of world too park of Lu Ge state (ancestral temple of 9 swallow mouth, holes, Changchun) , along the eastpart part coastal road, the tourist attraction such as stage of umbrella of hole of tablet of level ground of classics stone steps, the Tropic of Cancer, the Eight Immortals in the legend, stone, 3 celestial being, reach a desk east tell this hot spring.
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