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Taiwan swims economy " bunt " circuit appears on the market
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Current, the Taiwan on the market swims basically is the 8 annulus islands that arrive 10 days swim, the price is controlled in 10 thousand yuan, general labour firewood estate or burden do not rise, to attract more passenger source, a few travel agent of Shanghai prepare to begin from August, roll out the 4 Taiwan to 6 days of journeys to swim bunt circuitry, the price is substantial also of course many.

The travel agent such as Shanghai black force begins to will roll out Taiwan 5 days to swim from August, 6 days swim circuit, the journey basically is taken in Taipei centrally, cover museum of pool of Alisan, life, the Imperial Palace, Hualien too the classical tourist attraction such as Lu Ge, and involve with Taichun journey south the stage less, whole circuitry tourist attraction calculates come down to compare 8 swim to island of 10 days of annulus cut down half left and right sides, journey photograph contrast is more relaxed. Current, taiwan swims 6 days 6880 yuan are in surely at the beginning of quote, swim than island of 10 days of annulus close half of quote petty gain. Liu Xiaojun of general manager of department of sale of Shanghai black force: Contrast economic material benefit for a short while short and essence of life is in 5000 yuan to be controlled to 7000 yuan to 6 days of prices e.g. 4 days.

As we have learned, taiwan swims the road will use bunt line basically to head for Taiwan from Hong Kong a favourable turn, because this is OK,send a group every day. And extend further as what Taiwan travels, travel agent returns the feedback that will welcome according to mainland tourist and Taiwan place, roll out a theme to swim stage by stage, characteristic swims and deepness swims wait for circuit.