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Hong Kong burning incense most the place of flourishing: Huang Daxian temple
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Lubricious garden of miserly of original name of Huang Daxian temple, the spirit that is Hong Kong is placed, no matter protect restful, seek a career, ask the fate brings lovers together or any difficulty are miscellaneous disease, can beg undeceive ferry in order to come here. According to hearing Huang Daxian temple is very effective, but get the autograph fruit that come, just see the carry sign this year, do not include next year or later forever such. Spend year of from beginning to end in the traditional Chinese calendar so, it is burning incense of temple of yellow big celestial being most at the height of power and splendour when, male letter of be apt to female come round to beg in succession ask all the year round movement power.

Hong Kong is an incompatible system, arrive from the city person. The idea of Hong Kong person is new, chase after a trend closely, sweet altar can place at the door apartment also a big. Temple of yellow big celestial being is Hong Kong burning incense most the place of flourishing, found at the Christian era 1921, manage what pass number 10 years wholeheartedly, cash a round flat piece of jade with a hole in its center is brilliant, the edifice is grand, it is a cloister of grandiose Chinese type Taoism, it reposes between topping citizen residence and Hua Sha, the Huang Daxian of within place consecrate, before is a goatherd formerly, classics is transient later of deities give directions, how does the society treat all sorts of diseases consequently. In the society of contemporary Hong Kong, the Huang Daxian that carries as administer gambler money is very welcome, the person that those concern fall ill or has fallen ill also blesses in the meantime, the person of assistance needs on the business with those.
Cloister interior: The machine of constituent sth resembling a net of this temple interior is very huge, main hall place furnishs those who be not Huang Daxian is statuary, however his picture. Besides main hall still office of tortoise pool, library, drug and can say to offer the place that fortune-telling personage shops only. The building of this temple is representing gold, wood, water, fire, ground respectively the element of 5 augur, what the stage of bronze front courtyard that sets picture of yellow big celestial being represents is gold, the library and fountain represent wood and water respectively. Small park is set by temple, design appropriate, choiceness exquisite, provide gardens picture quite. By the 9 dragon wall of side, it is to follow Beijing the Imperial Palace and make.
There is Confucius hall at the same time in temple of yellow big celestial being, the letter that with receiving a station those adore aperture master is numerous, and Buddhist believer can come in 3 Temple of God, the Guan Shiyin Bodhisattva with prostrate lenient beside Guan Dijun and the Eight Immortals in the legend consecrate.
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