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View and admire the optimal place to go of Hong Kong wonderful night scene: Summ
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Hill of peace and tranquility (English: Victoria Peak) , point to commonly " summit of hill of peace and tranquility " be by abbreviation of Hong Kong person consequently the summit (English: The Peak) , it is Hong Kong island famous travel tourist attraction, because this has " swim harbor the first choosing " say. Original name of hill of peace and tranquility of according to legend " good head hill " . Later, hill of peace and tranquility calls furnace peak or the hill that buy a division, Ke Shidian hill again, in addition ever also name Victoria hill with Victoria queenly name by the Englishman, english name criterion continue to use up to now. Altitude of hill of peace and tranquility 554 meters, it is the highest peak of Hong Kong island.

Summit of peace and tranquility is the optimal place to go that views and admire Hong Kong wonderful night scene, among them with telpher terminal around antique lion wells balanced and the summit park of happy person is hollowness optimal view and admire the position. Every time during curtain of night arrives, stand in the scan widely on hill of peace and tranquility 4 look, below the shine upon of myriad lights, harbor island and 9 dragon just like enchase two bright phearl in Victoria harbour, hand in photograph reflect. In annulus area, more high-rise is bristly, grand and clinking. Hill of peace and tranquility is mixed with its advantaged geographical environment humanitarian landscape, become people to reach the swims surely ground of Hong Kong.

瞭 of hill of peace and tranquility hopes to there is trail of Lu auspicious path west the stage, on the way greenery is shady, charactizing a fine spring day, can look down at Hong Kong reachs the scenery of Victoria harbor here. The summit sets a lot of facility that are tourist view scene only. The 15th day of a lunar month of summit square look into the distance from a high place falls the prospect is most good. The harbor island diameter that fits picnicky pleasure trip on foot also begins from here. The approach clouds cabinet that builds after also is the place that tourist loves.

From which area garden method can take the top telpher (in annulus dock has bus 15C to come and go) mountain-climbing. Summit of peace and tranquility is telpher begin battalion to carry from 1888, will more than 100 years never had given an accident. Take telpher leave summit whole course from hill 1.4 kilometers, need 8 minutes to be able to reach the peak only. Telpher serve time from the morning at 7 o'clock till midnight, every other sends one regular bus ten minutes.