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Temperature recovery after the holiday tourism market in Nanchang, "Dubai Tour"
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With the "Eleventh" holiday ended, the excitement of holiday travel long been near the end, around the back to the pre-holiday travel is also basically the low-temperature state, the market price of most long-term travel routes has been reduced to "eleven" before the level of and domestic tourism in the recent two or three day short tour main tourism market. Outbound tourism, the continued downturn in the Japanese tour, and "Dubai Tour" touted accident.
Tour price Pujiang into two

Festival a few days, the market's tourism offer has dropped to the level before the holiday. According to reporter visited found that the current prices of most tourist routes over the "Eleventh" Heavy period one or two percent. Travel routes in the country, the Gulangyu, Chengdu Huanglong Jiuzhaigou, Kunming - Dali - Lijiang, Qingdao, Dalian and other popular tourist routes golden week prices dropped by one to two percent or so.

In terms of outbound travel, Europe, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, the tour price fall is also more evident, reaching into the two, and even more decline to about 1,500 yuan, compared with pre-holiday travel such as Japan has Jinsan Cheng Bao Jiang. Everbright International Travel outbound Jiangxi responsible Liu Ruyu that ticket prices is to improve the "eleven" major factor during the purchase, and as the number of trips down, have come down ticket discounts, travel prices have also "diving."

From the market reaction, the outbound travel has always been very fire in the recent tour of Japan is dwindling. Liuru Yu said that while South Korea and Thailand, travel and other travel routes still hot.

Dubai travel accident touted

Surprise people is that people feel the high-end tour of Dubai has recently been much public concern. "Recently people who choose to go to Dubai Tingduo, we have started the fire did not think so." Liuru Yu said the general, if a certain economic capacity, Dubai is very attractive to the public tour. According to reports, Dubai is currently the second tour flying 五日 quoted market price for 5988 yuan.

Dubai tour suddenly why fire? According to its analysis, this may be the price of Dubai tour of Japan with the files related to changes in travel products. Dubai Travel and Tour in Japan is most similar to the price, all for 5000-6000 dollars. With the recent tour of Japan into a lonely, some just choose the price people are willing to be more inclined to choose a similar price in Dubai and travel more attractive.

As a point of not shopping, pure play, high quality and rich tourist country, for many people it is tempting to. Throughout the four-star hotel, room and board is good. The few tourists who want to go to the famous seven-star Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai accommodation, the price of the entire tourism product will soar to one million yuan.

After October, the southern hemisphere a good tourist season

"XI", the Nanchang China first and second tier cities, special fares and more routes on sale, Lijiang, Hangzhou and other popular tourist destinations hotel prices also fell one to three percent. The current peak load shifting tourists travel mainly white-collar office workers, the honeymoon crowd and the elderly tourists.

With the arrival of late October, will be the best time to travel the southern hemisphere, Australia and New Zealand tour will start heating up. By then, Australia and New Zealand welcome the summer days Shuangqi clear and beautiful scenery. It is understood the market by the end of October and November sent 12 groups of Australia and New Zealand tour, quotes about more than nine thousand to one million.