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Scenery of dragon tiger hill -- condole coffin
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Middle period of the Eastern Han Dynasty, taoism author Zhang Ling (the life calls the biggest day division) propagate doctrines of the ancient sages in second make pills of immortality, up to now far sow global. The mountain of of long standing and well established Taoism culture, red of green jade water that has distinguishing feature alone and historical Zhui the longest, dimensions the cliff grave with the biggest, most cultural relic group, form natural landscape and humanitarian landscape 3 absolutely; Uprise can see ninety-nine summit the male high of a scene of bustling activity, raft can admire the painted screen with more than lis of 20 celestial being wispy an administrative unit in Xizang; The division that find a day is vestigial, the secret of explore cliff grave, watch the honest of folkway, see scene see an interest, find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind. Area of scene of main tourist attraction has: Peak of gun of hill of stage of scene of view of area of scene of cliff of water of government office of division of heir Chinese day, celestial being, mountain villa, proboscis, gold, the world scene of a special skill.