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3 clear hill are selected world bequest directory
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Become the 7th world nature of our country bequest ground

Wu Li of Zou Wenbiao of reporter of report from our correspondent, trainee, Ceng Guihua reports: Beijing time 8 days morning, on the plenary meeting of bequest of the 32nd world that holds in Canadian Quebec, 3 clear hill are declared " world bequest directory " score a success, make land of natural heritage of the 7th world of our country formally.

The bequest value to 3 clear hill gave congress of bequest of the 32nd world high opinion. The conference thinks, in 3 Qing Dynasty hill scenery revealed distinctive granite stone column and mountain peak inside area limits scenic spot, the photograph of climate marvellous spectacle of rich granite modelling stone and the landscape that a variety of vegetation, far and near changes and shock popular feeling is united in wedlock, created the unique landscape aesthetic effect on the world, presented fascinating natural beauty. Scene area border is reasonable, the natural sex that protected landscape effectively and safeguard landscape character place indispensible area, accord with the requirement of world bequest completely, country of member of world bequest committee agrees consistently China scenery of 3 clear hill scenic spot the area includes " world bequest directory " .

World bequest, refer in particular to what be affirmed by U.N. Educational and world bequest committee, have the natural landscape of outstanding meaning and general value and cultural relic place of historic interest, because be considered as the mankind infrequent and the belongings that cannot replace at present and accept the whole world accepted with extremely tall attention. The program that together with declares world bequest is complex, competition is intense, accordingly, declaring world bequest to be called is to pick take " the honor of pyramid needle " .

In the province governmental news does the press conference that holds yesterday, on forgive city mayor direct 仚 is unripe say, tough effort of 3 years becomes last a period of time of beauty spot of 3 clear hill eventually if really. Come 3 years, 3 clear hill pass all the way close behead general. Last year in January, 3 clear hill are declared more than times 160 in the whole nation show itself in the unit, become Chinese government finally to declared world natural heritage 2008 only item is declared to U.N. . Subsequently, accumulative total throws more than yuan of 300 million RMB to nomination ground limits of 756 square kilometer begins environmental repair work, demolish the of all kinds floor area that asks to not agree with with bequest to amount to 35280 square metre early or late, transformed the community building of 20 more than square metre, buy place of the of all kinds environmental protection, station that monitor newly 20 more than place, bequest reveals a center 1 place. Last year in October, the expert of U.N. specially appointed that the bequest value that 3 clear hill stress with its and higher protection and level of management were convinced to make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot is evaluated by height, get world nature protects alliance (IUCN) recommend actively of the committee of experts, vote finally on world bequest congress through.
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