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Nanchang is outdoors swim 5 old danger zone make a person care
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Summer vacation time already arrived, outdoors natant person is increasing. Data of a death lets a person astonish: Up to by June, the number that Nanchang city dies because of outdoors natant be addicted to this year has exceeded 10 people, be born for middle and primary school for the most part among them. Yesterday, spot of our newspaper reporter interviews provincial capital to swim 5 large dangerous water area, its security situation makes a person anxious.

The 5 old danger zone that Nanchang swims

② of water area of water intake of works of water of ① rising sun bank ⑤ of water area of Teng Wangge of ④ of water area of square of autumn water of ③ of river bridge water area water area of 81 big bridges

Above place is to happen drown the place with more accident, hope broad citizen notices safety.

Swim this year be addicted to dies accident frequency hair

Enter summer vacation time and flood season, drown dying accident happens again and again.

On June 21 afternoon, in prosperous of Changjiang Delta of another name for Jiangxi Province paragraph stand by 81 big bridges to be in, when a teenager of 14 years old swims, be flooded river bottom; 25 days, a student is in Nanchang city Hong Dou elementary school jade belt river swims, drop into water the next carelessly deep hole, drown on the spot die...

Yesterday afternoon, substation of the public security on Nanchang town water patrols controller of a large body of tells a reporter, according to their statistic, up to by June, float cadaver is salvaged on Nanchang town water 34, among them 1/3 is belong to swim drown die, the number is in 10 people above. The record of these accidents makes a person distressed likewise: On June 14, the student of a 6 grade is heavy when swimming in water water, find a body till the ability after 4 days; On June 22, in water area of Nanchang big bridge, a man of 19 years old drowns when swim die; In water area of Teng king cabinet, accompany of a few children goes swimming, as a result a 6 grade student of 12 years old is flooded by water...

"Middle and primary school just puts summer vacation now, the number that swims in the outdoors water area such as river of another name for Jiangxi Province still will increase, safe hidden trouble also can be increased. " this chief says.

Seek by inquiry swims 5 large dangerous water area

According to statistic of branch of the public security on water, the water area that produces risk basically is in sunny water works centrally water intake water area, bank water area of Jiang Qiao water area, autumn water square, Teng Wangge water area and water area of 81 big bridges. Summer vacation time comes, regular meeting of classics of 5 water area has hundreds to go up even 1000 swimmer.

Yesterday afternoon 4 when make, the reporter comes to water area of autumn water square. Begin here to have 3 two natant fan only, arrived however afternoon 5 when, natant number increases suddenly, for a short while more than 10 people come to here, this has many returning among them is father is taking a child to enter the water, the boy that also has a few more than 10 years old fights noisely in water. The reporter notices, these people did not carry safe lifesaving tool, the reporter is when spot observation, ceaseless still somebody enters the water; In water area of 81 big bridges, much name 10 come year old the boy also fights noisely in water, and compared with phreatic water. In water area of Teng king cabinet, a few middleaged women swim here, but the tool that the reporter also did not see they deployed buoy and so on. Water area of water intake of sunny water works, bank natant number of river bridge water area is same many.
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