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Provincial travel agent restores Sichuan to swim form a delegation business
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Zhang Jing of reporter of report from our correspondent reports: On June 20, the reporter saves travel market to understand from me, since June 18, I save partial travel agent to begin to restore Sichuan to swim form a delegation business, first Nanchang after calamity of earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River goes to Sichuan tourism group to will set out at the beginning of July.

Since June 15, sichuan saves the travel market such as Le Shan to begin to restore. After be informed this one message, I save a lot of travel agent to act instantly, the partial tourist attraction that begins to restore Sichuan is packed " new Sichuan swims " . Circuit is rolled out, be welcomed instantly by the tourist. These two days, the tourist in an endless stream that travel agent signs up and seeks advice comes before. In interviewing, the reporter understands, major tourist wants to after saw with one's own eyes goes witnessing the disaster of Sichuan, rebuild; A few tourists that once had been to Sichuan, hope to go revisit of old haunt of area of stricken be hit by a natural adversity scene; Still many parents will look after children on a special trip, hope child is taught deeply through knowledge.

It is reported, because the charge such as the entrance ticket of area of new and open Sichuan part scene, accommodation, meal drops somewhat, accordingly, the of all kinds Sichuan that rolls out afresh on the market at present swims product value also fell compared to the same period 20 % left and right sides. With highing eyebrow happy hill swims circuit is exemple, price of entrance ticket of area of scene of hill of high mountain eyebrow falls from 150 yuan before calamity reach 50 yuan, two ground make a round trip airline ticket all can be enjoyed 3 lose privilege, accordingly this circuitry quotes from last year of the corresponding period 1700 yuan or so fall reach 1380 current yuan.