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Busy season of travel of 2008 Nanchang summer vacation time is a bit cold
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Swallow of yellow lead of Chen Meng of reporter of dispatch of our newspaper Nanchang, trainee reports: Summer vacation time is the busy season of travel originally, however as fuel surtax add those who try to reach airline ticket price to rise, the reporter understands from airport of Jiangxi prosperous north, carry passenger flow measures heat to if anticipate,did not grow, before the summer vacation time with basin full full earthen bowl swims to also be faced with " shrink " .

As we have learned, began on July 1, the fuel surtax of domestic line collects a standard to adjust, new standard is 800 kilometers the following course every passenger rises 60 yuan before from this 80 yuan, 800 kilometers above (contain) every passenger adds line 50 yuan, rise by 100 original yuan reach 150 yuan. Go up this after been move, the fuel surtax price of domestic line has achieved the history new tall.

"Be at present before heat carry busy season, airport of north of prosperous of the corresponding period is daily last year enter guest discharge to have 8000~9000 person-time, this year on July 1 that day, day guest discharge makes an appointment with 7000 person-time only. Close ability has discharge of paragraph of time settle or live in a strange place to picked up. " the more than director of department of market of company of Jiangxi airport group tells a reporter, "The course this year and transport power increased, we anticipate guest discharge can have constant growth originally. But if expect growth,guest discharge is done not have, look main now or got because of circumstance of group go on a tour big environment is affected. " more than director is analysed.

The reporter understands from silver-colored red travel agent, busy season of travel of summer vacation time had begun, but the person of advisory travel is not much, great majority is advisory discount airline ticket.

The staff member tells a reporter, set out from Nanchang recently spot of hotter go on a journey is Hainan and Dalian circuitry of two big travel. Because Hainan is even more burning hot, they can suggest the guest chooses Dalian commonly, total cost consults valence is everybody 1820 yuan, solo flight sheet lies. "If want economy the word of a bit, I still am recommended go by train. " she says, after the attune on fuel surtax, circuit quote also went up accordingly. Nanchang moves 40 yuan to the circuitry such as Hainan, Guilin, Xiamen, rise to the circuitry such as northeast, Beijing, Xinjiang, Tibet, Hua Dong 100 yuan. "Although the price is moved not more, but the quote of go on a journey of this moment is about to compare originally off-season and tall 20% , plus fuel surtax, look before be about to compare tall a lot of. " that staff member says, look like quiet travel market, be opposite actually a sign of disturbance or trouble of concerned price particularly sensitive, this and firstly straight since the low course that take does not have nothing to do is.

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